1 arrested in Providence after police fire at car

1. Seth Magaziner is starting his run for Congress with obvious responsibilities: He was running for governor until a few minutes ago, he doesn’t live in the district he wants to represent, and he has less than eight months to raise the necessary funds. win the primary. Still, the fact that various high-profile Democrats have still pushed him into the race shows just how worried party supporters are about the possibility that Republicans could win a U.S. House race in Rhode Island for the first time since 1992. The magazine hopes traditional party allegiances will get it across the finish line, saying at its kick-off press conference: “Trump is not going away. Kevin McCarthy is not going away. don’t go… We can’t mess around and we have to take this seat.” The treasurer is now the most prominent Democrat in the race, with a built-in campaign apparatus from his former gubernatorial bid and the fundraising network to raise money quickly. His team received some good news on Friday, as one of his best-known potential rivals — State Sen. Joshua Miller of Cranston — announced he was staying out of the primary. But Magaziner didn’t clear the waters: Former Rep. Ed Pacheco launched Monday with a glossy video, two days after Refugee Dream Center founder Omar Bah announced his candidacy. (In a statement welcoming Magaziner to the race, Pacheco pointedly noted that he is “a longtime resident of the 2nd Congressional District.”) A number of others say they are still considering running, including Rep. Teresa Tanzi, Rep. Carol Hagan. McEntee, former Langevin staffer Joy Fox, political operative Michael Neary and former state senator Jim Sheehan. With the primary just over seven months away, our longtime political analyst Joe Fleming says potential candidates need to make decisions quickly. “Whoever is going to race really has to announce it in the next two weeks,” he said.

2. Joe Fleming offers a theory on how Seth Magaziner can quickly establish a financial advantage in the 2nd District race: use some of the $1.6 million in his state campaign fund account to pay off the loan personal $700,000 that he donated to his first campaign for treasurer. in 2014, then turn around and put that $700,000 into his new congressional campaign account. Is such a double step on the table? “Since Seth announced his candidacy for Congress, we have been inundated with positive responses from supporters asking how they can help us keep this seat in the hands of Democrats,” said Magaziner spokeswoman Patricia Socarras. . “We are currently focused on working with supporters who have donated to Seth’s previous campaigns who want their contributions reimbursed and have contributed to Seth’s campaign for Congress. In the coming months, we will consult with experts in campaign finance to ensure that we comply with all federal and state laws.”

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