10 Anime Villains Who Abandoned Their Humanity

Anime villains are usually portrayed with a kind of redeeming quality that makes them feel relatively human. Whether they’re driven by love or even revenge, they have at least one aspect that makes them approachable or at least likable to the public. However, there are a handful of anime antagonists who haven’t been shy about throwing their humanity away.

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They happily sacrificed everything in pursuit of their goals, making them morally reprehensible, albeit extremely powerful threats to behold. For them, nothing is sacred and life is worthless. These heartless anime villains allow fans to understand what happens to those who forget their human roots.

ten Naraku surrendered to demons (Inuyasha)

InuyashaNaraku was once a lonely man who longed for Kikyo. After being repeatedly rejected, he deliberately gave himself to the demons and became a nightmarish aberration. By the start of the main story, Naraku had already fused with hundreds of minor monsters.

It is implied that although demons guide his actions, Naraku’s human half is somewhere within his husk. Unfortunately for the heroes, Naraku’s true conscience doesn’t matter since it’s almost as evil as the beasts contained within his flesh.

9 Orochimaru sacrificed everything for his studies (Naruto)

Shaken by the horrors of war, naruto‘s Orochimaru sought to enrich his life with a variety of forbidden jutsu. However, as the Leaf limited his ambitions, he went behind their backs and even abducted innocent people to become unwitting participants in his experiments.

Able to turn any part of his body into a serpent, the “human” aspect of Orochimaru is long dead. Although there are glimpses of his compassion in the way he treats his son, Orochimaru cannot be fully recognized as he is driven more by self-interest than his humanity or fatherly instincts.

8 Blackbeard betrayed those who welcomed him (One Piece)

Blackbeard’s soul is as dark as his Devil Fruit. Although he was taken in by Whitebeard as a child, he betrayed him by murdering Thatch and fleeing the ship. That already makes him one of the most irredeemable villains in A play since he never loved anyone but himself.

Also, Blackbeard had no reservations about attacking Marines, Worst Generation, or even former members of the Whitebeard Pirates during his career as a sailor. Since his crew is now made up of the worst inmates of Impel Down, Blackbeard cares little for the atrocities of his comrades as long as they listen to him.

seven Barragan was the former despotic leader of Las Noches (Bleach)

As an Espada, Bleach‘s Barragan is already monstrous in nature. However, he turned out to be even more evil than expected from his actions as the leader of Las Noches. For example, when he was overwhelmed with boredom, he considered forcing his subjects into civil war just to entertain himself.

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He was equally cruel when fighting Soul Society members, as his senescence caused them to either cut off their limbs or completely disintegrate. In the end, Barragan’s evil is only eclipsed by Aizen’s, and both villains deserve each other.

6 Irumi used his own family (Hunter X Hunter)

Hunter X HunterIllumi Zoldyck was just as terrible of an older brother as he was of a person. At the end of the Hunter Exam, he forced Killua to kill his opponent to disqualify himself. This was to eliminate his chances of living independently, which forced him to return to the house.

Additionally, Irumi attempted to use Alluka as a human weapon to further his own goals. Alluka lived as a slave for most of her childhood, only being saved due to Killua’s heroism and the need to restore Gon.

5 Giovanni was one of the most insidious agents of White Clad (Fire Force)

Giovanni deliberately threw his humanity into fire force. The white-clad cultist altered his body so profoundly that he looked much more like an insect than a person. Accordingly, he covered himself at all times until he was sure to reveal himself.

The villain’s personality proved equally monstrous. He used Lisa to travel to Vulcan and steal his plans, caring little about the relationship either might have formed during this time. When she showed reluctance, Giovanni bullied her into following him back to the base.

4 Estarossa forgot his humanity because of Gowther (Seven Deadly Sins)

Seven capital sins‘ Estarossa is particularly interesting because he forgot his humanity rather than giving it up. Gowther altered his memories before his death, effectively rewriting him from an archangel to a member of the Ten Commandments. The spell was so powerful that it even worked on the Demon King.

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For years, Estarossa terrorized Britannia as the Demon King’s third “son” and Commandment of Love. It wasn’t until the end of the war that he realized his true identity as Mael, the Sun Angel.

3 The major replaced himself with a robot (Hellsing)

As a Nazi, Hellsings Major didn’t have a lot of humanity to begin with. However, everything that could have existed was completely lost when the Millennium Organization launched its attack decades later.

When Integra Hellsing breached the Major’s zeppelin and defeated him, it was revealed that he had been replaced by a robot version of himself. The “real” Major died during World War II, his robot serving as a last resort to bring down the rest of the world. Therefore, the villain seen throughout the series was only a shadow of an already dead monster.

2 Queen tormented her own crew for fun (One Piece)

Queen’s barbarity eclipsed even Kaido’s. A scientific genius, he used plague canisters to suppress prisoners in Udon and prevented them from helping each other. His gleeful willingness to commit war crimes is even more heinous considering what he did to his own men.

During the attack on Onigashima, Queen transformed an entire theater of fighters into ice oni in order to defeat her strongest opponents. He refused to share the antidote with any of his crew and had Scratchman Apoo run for his life.

1 DIO explicitly threw away his humanity (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Shortly after revealing his role in George Joestar’s death, Dio put on the stone mask. In doing so, he openly admitted to having abandoned his humanity, which he proved well in the last Parts of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

For DIO, nothing is sacred. He is willing to defy the laws of men, time, and even the sky itself in order to indulge in the greatest the universe has to offer. Ruthlessly individualistic, DIO will even sometimes call on his henchmen to commit suicide to prove their loyalty to him.

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