Ajax Systems launches new smart home sensors and fire safety detectors

Ukrainian company Ajax Systems held its fourth annual Comfort Zone event where it announced a number of new products.

KYIV, UKRAINE – Ajax Systems recently held its fourth annual Comfort Zone event and during the proceedings the company announced several new products in a range of categories including security and smart home.

As part of the international press event, Ajax discussed the invasion of their home country and the steps they had taken to relocate and maintain day-to-day operations. At the Comfort Zone event, Ajax Systems said it currently employs a workforce of 2,500 people, including more than 500 engineers.

Additionally, the company points out that it is completing the construction of a second plant in Turkey; it increased its production in Ukraine by 30%, and its developers collaborated on the Air Alert application to provide Ukrainians with a missile warning system on smartphones.

The Ukrainian company signed a distribution agreement with US wholesaler SS&Si Dealer Network earlier this year to supply professional Ajax security systems to its customers.

Ajax Systems Announces New Products and Application Updates at Comfort Zone Event

Announced to be available in the fourth quarter of 2022, the first of Ajax Systems’ new products is a professional indoor air quality monitor that measures CO2, temperature and humidity levels. Ajax states that the product combines security and convenience in one device.

Ajax boasts its new LifeQuality product which incorporates Swiss and Swedish sensors used in medical equipment, and the unit is designed to provide reliable data.

Corresponding to the launch of the products, Ajax has updated the interfaces of its application with the addition of graphics. Users now see current indicators and can view things like their multi-day history, they can view weekly statistics, monthly data, yearly data, and the information can be used to help users understand the dynamics of the air quality.

Other features built into the LifeQuality monitor include an indicator light that instantly signals CO2 level by pressing the Ajax logo. It glows yellow, red or purple if the concentration of carbon dioxide exceeds the norm.

Address another smart home category at the Comfort Zone event, Ajax Systems’ new LightSwitch allows users to control a wide range of lighting devices, both on-site and remotely via Ajax apps.

LightSwitch has a large touch panel that responds to a tap or touchless activation – enough to put a hand at least 15mm (just over half an inch) from the device for light lights up. The product’s soft LED backlight allows users to use the switch in dark rooms, and LightSwitch’s sound and vibration are designed to provide the familiar feel of a mechanical switch.

WaterStop from Ajax Systems is a water shut-off valve with remote control. According to the company, WaterStop helps build a fully automated leak prevention system with professional safety technology reliability. The device consists of a Bonomi valve and an electric actuator that automatically shuts off the water on command from the Ajax app or a button pressed on the spot.

As part of an Ajax security system, WaterStop uses proven technologies. The actuator operates on batteries for up to three years while being able to shut off the water in seconds. Commands are issued through a Jeweler radio protocol that has a communication range of up to 1,100 meters (over 3,600 feet), and the WaterStop device features encryption, frequency hopping, and jamming detection.

Coming out of the smart home and into the security market, Ajax Systems has launched the FireDetect2 range of detectors.

Developed for residential fire safety, Ajax has developed a patented smoke chamber that is dust tight and impenetrable to insects. Inside, the detector has a dual-spectrum optical sensor that can distinguish smoke from water vapour.

The second sensor of the detector is the thermistor. Ajax Systems points out that this sensor quickly distinguishes a temperature spike, which gives a significant advantage when synthetic materials are burning. An extended version of the detector with an additional carbon monoxide sensor was also shown.

Both detectors have versions with replaceable or sealed batteries. The device operates for up to seven years with a replaceable battery and at least 10 years with a sealed battery.

On the software side of the announcements made at the Comfort Zone event, Ajax Systems highlighted a number of application updates.

From now on, the interface takes into account the structure of the human body, the movements and the context of interaction. This allows users to turn on the device without having to look at their smartphone. In the new control tab, devices are sorted by pages, so users just have to swipe to the side – and the next batch of buttons are always there in the same place. New dark mode, improved fonts, cross-platform consistency, quick access to automation devices – get it all in Ajax apps by the end of this year.

Providing users with a trio of new software updates, Ajax says it adds three features that users have been waiting for a long time: Keypad Passcodes for Unregistered Users, Any Device Photos, alarms and temperature scenarios.

Access codes for unregistered users: This feature allows a person or company to be assigned a separate passcode in hub settings without creating an Ajax account. This option eliminates the need to register office workers, cleaning companies or real estate agents in the Ajax application. When a code is redeemed, it will appear along with the username in the event stream and push notification. Access codes for unregistered users are available with OS Malevich 2.13.1.

Photos by any device alarm: Ajax has extended the capabilities of the Photo by Storyline feature. Now PhOD-labeled detectors can take photos per alarm from any device, including an opening detector, panic button or other motion detector. This feature is also available with OS Malevich 2.13.1.

Temperature scenarios: Ajax sensors displayed temperature in apps, but this information was only available for viewing. Now, Ajax devices that show the temperature in the app can trigger a temperature scenario: a motion detector, an opening detector and a siren, except for an automation device (Relay/WallSwitch/ Socket). Ajax Systems explains that this means that the heater will switch on if, for example, the temperature of three detectors in the room drops below 15°. Temperature scenarios will be available with OS Malevich 2.14.

More news on the Ajax system

Concluding the announcements made at the Comfort Zone event, Ajax Systems closed with several more product and software updates:

  • The partner portal: To improve cooperation with partners, the company announced the Partner Portal on the Ajax website. The portal allows authorized Ajax partners access to partner programs, including training, marketing support and incentive schemes. The partner portal will be available this fall in the UK, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Scandinavian countries and Benelux.
  • Ajax-Ready Tag: The company introduced Ajax Ready, a label for new independent products based on an Ajax security system. This is a whole new direction for partners who see more system applications and want to explore new verticals.
  • PRO Desktop 3.4 Update: To give business owners, installers and operators a tool to work even more efficiently, Ajax has introduced the PRO Desktop update with a crucial new feature: the maintenance report. This tool allows quick access to information about security devices at a glance. Some of the options available to users through this feature include hub status, battery levels, communication status, and other critical settings.
  • Co-branded app for Ajax partners: Ajax believes in synergy with partners, which is why it has developed a co-branded app. This application is available for security companies who want to increase their brand awareness. Whenever customers open the Ajax application, they interact with service providers. From a convenience perspective, customers have quick access to contacts and billing information. This replaces calls and payment reminders, as the business is directly connected to the customer through the app.
  • Various solutions: Ajax has launched a new DIN mounting bracket to allow integrators to mount a relay or WallSwitch on a DIN rail, and Ajax has added a new Socket Plus (Type G) device with an arc fault protection product to its range.

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