Alabama Senate candidate Mike Durant says Biden vaccine tenure could force him to lay off 80 employees

U.S. Senate candidate Mike Durant said President Biden’s tenure on the COVID-19 vaccine on federal contractors would require him to lay off about 80 employees from the aerospace defense company he founded if the tenure survives legal challenges.

Durant was a guest Sunday on the Black Rifle Coffee podcast and spoke about how the tenure would affect the workforce at Pinnacle Solutions, a company the former Army aviator founded after retiring from the military. in 2001. Durant said that Huntsville-based Pinnacle Solutions has approximately 600 employees at 16 locations around the world.

A federal judge in Georgia issued a suspension to block the federal contractor mandate on December 7.

“Until this happened here recently, I was going to have to fire people who didn’t want to get the shot,” Durant said. “And I am vaccinated. I am not anti-vax. But I’m against compulsory vax because people shouldn’t be forced to do it.

The fate of Biden’s tenure on federal contractors will likely be decided by federal appeals courts, possibly the United States Supreme Court. Alabama and other states have challenged the mandates of federal contractors, as well as the mandates of companies with 100 or more employees and healthcare workers.

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Speaking to Black Rifle Coffee podcast host Evan Hafer, Durant noted that the mandate on federal contractors does not allow the ability to let workers go unvaccinated if they are willing to undergo regular COVID testing. .

“That’s the ridiculous part of this rule for federal contractors, is that I don’t even have a testing option,” Durant said. “I can’t let them work from home. It’s just ridiculous overbreadth and I think one of the best examples of the incompetence of the current White House leaders in this regard, their ignorance of the implications of these decisions. “

Durant flew a Black Hawk helicopter which was shot down in Mogadishu, Somalia, during the 1993 battle depicted in the book and movie “Black Hawk Down”. Durant announced in October that he was running for the Republican nomination for the seat of the United States Senate, which Senator Richard Shelby will step down after his retirement next year.

Other participants in the race are Congressman Mo Brooks of Huntsville, Katie Britt, former chief of staff to Shelby and former chief of the Business Council of Alabama, and businesswoman Jessica Taylor Prattville. Former President Trump backed Brooks. Primary is May 24.

Durant made his first candidacy for public office.

Alabama Political Reporter reported on Durant’s appearance on the Black Rifle Coffee podcast.

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