Arrests during the crackdown on the port of Shamlan

KUWAIT: Officers are seen during a crackdown in Shamlan harbor yesterday. – Photos from the Ministry of the Interior

KUWAIT: Yesterday, police made several arrests during a crackdown on people violating fishing and environmental protection rules in Shamlan Port in Sharq. Interior Ministry staff carried out the unplanned campaign in cooperation with the Public Environment Authority, Kuwait Ports Authority, Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fisheries Resources, Ministry of Commerce and Kuwait Fire Forces, the Department of Security Relations and Information said in a press release. The ministry did not say how many people were arrested during the campaign. He added that they have been returned to the relevant authorities for further action.

Drug overdose
Detectives have solved the mystery behind the death of a woman after her body was found in an open area in Ahmadi. The case was closed after two people with a history of drug-related offenses confessed to leaving her body when she died of a drug overdose, Arab newspaper Al-Anbaa reported yesterday. Detectives identified one of the suspects after checking the woman’s phone record and arrested him in Qadsiya.

The man said during the investigation that the woman was with him and another man while they were abusing drugs in an apartment in Ahmadi, when they found out that she had overdosed on drugs and was deceased. They put her in a van and left her in an open area, then fled, the man reportedly told police, adding that they did so to avoid being charged with murder. The two men were sent to the competent authorities for further measures.

Housekeepers on the run
A man was sent to the eviction administration service after allegedly using his delivery job to house runaway domestic helpers after convincing them to leave the homes of their sponsors, Al-Anbaa reported yesterday. A police source said detectives had received several complaints from runaway housekeepers and found a link between their escape and the delivery man. Further investigations revealed the man was working with bogus domestic help desks that encourage helpers to escape their sponsors’ homes and work by the day or by the hour, the source said. The man confessed to his crime after his arrest, the source said, adding that three runaway maids were also arrested during the operation as bogus offices are raided.

Stolen delivery car
Forensic scientists went to a parking lot near Kuwait Airport to collect evidence of a stolen delivery car in the Ishbiliya area, Al-Anbaa reported. The car was left running during a delivery when the thief entered and left, and then five hours later, police found the car near Kuwait Airport. The delivery man complained to the Ishbiliya police, as the delivery man said while delivering an order, a man approaching the house suddenly got in the car and left. Another man also reported to police, claiming damage to his vehicle when the suspect hit him. Investigations are ongoing.

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