| Black Fire Daily Update – May 28, 2022NM Fire Info

Additional evacuations ordered

Progress made on the west and northeast sides of the black fire

Daily update 05/28/2022

Acres: 212,118 acres
Location: 31 miles northwest of Truth or Consequences
Containment: 18%
Personal: 806
Start date: Friday, May 13, 2022
Cause: Human-made, under investigation
Fuels: Woods and tall grass
Lost works: 2

Insight: On the evacuation map, area 11 that was in Set has now been upgraded to Go and zone 11 which was in ready mode was upgraded to Adjust. Firefighters hold fire south of Poverty Creek along Highway 59 with a mix of fire, handline and bulldozer line operations.

Fire Update:

  • North: The fire is heading towards Alexander Peak. During the night, personnel continued firing operations along Highway 59 to extend lines of fire. Firelines built over the past week along Bear Creek Road are holding up. Today, firefighters will patrol and secure the established fire line and continue to protect Taylor Ranch.
  • South: The black fire entered the scar of the silver fire where the reduced availability of trees and vegetation reduced the intensity of the fire. At the southwest corner of the fire, along Forest Road 150, crews constructed a handline through thick pine and steep terrain in front of the fire. Crews have also located an old containment line from previous fires which is being used to reinforce potential containment lines. The fire was very active yesterday in Palomas Creek.
  • East: Crews are working to extend containment lines further north of Hermosa. Yesterday activity picked up on the east side of the fire as it moved a further two miles through Ponderosa Pine in the Mineral Creek area. Heavy smoke was visible. As the fire moves to lower elevations and vegetation changes, crews will have a better chance of slowing the progress.
  • West: The containment lines continue to hold. The fire remains 10 miles from Gila Cliff homes. Crews are patrolling, securing and monitoring the fire perimeter south of Meown along Forest Road 150, looking for any lingering hot spots.

Weather: Red flag warning issued. High temperatures, gusty winds and low humidity add to the active behavior of the fire.
Temperatures: 75-87 degrees. Winds: 35 mph gust from the southwest. Relative humidity: Very low at 3-5%.

Evacuation update: The following areas are under evacuation status in coordination with Grant, Catron and Sierra counties. Please refer to the Ready, Set, Go evacuation map.

GO –

Area 1: The area extends from Burnt Cabin west along the south side of NM Highway 59 to the junction with Forest Road 150, then south along the east side of Forest Road 150 to where where it connects to zone 2.

Area 2: Existing Zone 2 drains remain in place.

Area 4: Areas of Sierra County from the Continental Divide Scenic Trail east of the Gila National Forest border, including Hermosa and Mud Spring Mountain.

Area 5: Areas of Grant County including the 1.5 Corridor of Forest Road 150 south of the Tom Moore Trailhead.

Area 6: East of Forest Road 150 to the Continental Divide Scenic Trail.

Area 7: East of Forest Road 150 to the Continental Divide Scenic Trail.

Area 8: The area east of Forest Route 150 to the Gila National Forest border, including the Continental Divide Scenic Trail, Victorio Park Mountain, Flagpole Mountain, and the Pack Trail.

Area 11: The area three miles south of existing Zone 8 on the east side of Forest Route 150. This includes Cooney, McKnight Cabin, the Continental Divide Scenic Trail, and Kelly Mesa.


Area 1: Encompassing parts of Catron and Sierra counties, including Beaverhead and Poverty Creek.

Area 3: Areas of Sierra County including Winston and Chloride.

Area 6: The area west of Forest Road 150 in Grant County.

Area 7: The area west of Forest Road 150, including Rocky Canyon Campground.

Area 8: The area west of Forest Road 150, starting at the south end of Area 7, then about four miles south and about 9-10 miles west.

Area 9: From the northern edge of Zone 1, run north along the forest line for four miles, east for about 24 miles, then south to Zone 1 to define the northern edge.

Area 11: From the southern limit of Zone 8, south three miles, then east to Logging Road 150. This includes

V Cross Ranch, Roberts Lake and Roberts Dip.


Area 10: From the northern edge of Area 9, north three miles, then east approximately 24 miles, then south three miles to the edge of Area 9.

Sheriffs in Grant, Catron, and Sierra counties use the Ready, set, go evacuation program. For more information, visit https://www.emnrd.nm.gov/sfd/fire-prevention-programs/ready-set-go-new-mexico/

Road closures: Highway 59 is closed at the junction with Forest Road 46 near Mud Hole. Residents of Poverty Creek can access their property. Highway 59 is closed from Mud Hole west to intersection 59/150. Forest Route 150 is also closed at the North Star Heliport due to fire activity. I-25 and other state highways remain open. Due to the continued growth of the fires, a large area closure has been put in place for the safety of the public and firefighters. Visit: https://www.fs.usda.gov/alerts/gila/alerts-notices/?aid=73018 for more information.

Smoke: Magdalena will see good air quality in the region most of the day with westerly southwesterly winds pushing smoke to the northeast. Socorro will experience periods of moderate to USG (unhealthy for sensitive groups) at times with west-southwesterly winds pushing the smoke to the northeast. Winston & Chloride will start the day with unhealthy air quality in Gas Winds rising around 1000. Gila Cliff Dwellings will see good air quality this morning with periods of moderate smoke returning to areas when the winds change from northwest to west-southwest. Mimbres, Hanover and San Lorenzo along the Mimbres River watershed will continue to see heavy smoke in the evening until morning clearing in the afternoon with high winds in the southwest region. Truth or Consequences and Caballo will have moderate air quality with possible periods of USG.

Air restrictions: Air tanks, helicopters, water scoopers and unmanned aerial systems aid firefighter suppression efforts. A 24-hour temporary flight restriction (TFR) above black light limits entry to non-fire aircraft, including civilian drones. Remember, if you’re flying, we can’t.

Fire Restrictions:

More information:

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