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Containment increases on black fire despite windy conditions

Daily update 05/30/2022

Acres: 241,403 acres
Location: 31 miles northwest of Truth or Consequences
Containment: 26%
Personal: 753
Start date: Friday, May 13, 2022
Cause: Human-made, under investigation
Fuels: Woods and tall grass
Lost works: 2

Insight: A real-time interactive evacuation map is now available. The map provides current information on the evacuation status of the Black Fire. For individual requests, please contact the emergency management agencies in your local jurisdiction. This will be the last day for the Southwest Area 5 Incident Management Team. The Southwest Area 3 Incident Management Team will take command of the Black Fire at 6 a.m. Tuesday morning. Thank you for your hospitality and support during our stay in your communities.

Fire Update: Containment increased on the Black Fire to 26% despite windy conditions yesterday.

  • North: On the northwest side of the fire, firing operations continue as crews extend containment lines established from Forest Road 150 East. Crews patrol and secure the area by extinguishing and clearing burning materials near control lines, felling trees as needed, and digging logs to avoid rolling after the fire.
  • South: The black fire burns in the silver fire scar towards McKnight Mountain and Lake Mountain, fueled by thick grasses from last year’s heavy monsoons and dead trees that remain from the silver fire burn scar. Air tankers and helicopters are being used along the southwest corner of the fire perimeter so firefighters can complete the line of fire. Crews scout areas to build lines of fire in front of the fire as it progresses south.
  • East: The fire has reached Franks Mountain and remains active in the Mineral Creek area. Crews protect private property before the fire and are ready to conduct fire operations if needed. There has been minimal heat seen along the perimeter of the fire in the Daugherty area for the past few days. Today, firefighters will continue to monitor and secure the area where hand ignition operations were conducted near Hermosa. Crews are preparing the N. Seco road southeast of the fire. The fire is expected to spread into the Palomas Creek drainage.
  • West: The containment lines hold. Crews will patrol, secure and monitor the area focusing on the area along Highway 150, also known as North Star Mesa Rd. between Meown and Brannon Trail.

Weather: Red flag warning in effect today. High temperatures, gusty winds and low humidity add to the active behavior of the fire. Temperatures: 80-83 degrees. Winds: Gusts up to 40 mph from the southwest. Relative humidity: 7-11%.

Evacuation update: Please see the Ready, Set, Go Evacuation Map or see the interactive map.

GO –

Area 1: From Burnt Cabin west along the south side of NM Highway 59 to the junction with Forest Road 150, then south along the east side of Forest Road 150 to where it connects to area 2.

Area 2: All area 2. (See map)

Area 3: The northernmost piece a mile wide. This includes the Murden property.

Area 4: Areas of Sierra County from the Continental Divide Scenic Trail east to Gila National Forest

Border including Hermosa and Mud Spring Mountain.

Area 5: Areas of Grant County including the Forest Road 150 corridor 1.5 miles south of Tom Moore Trailhead.

Area 6: East of Forest Road 150 to the Continental Divide Scenic Trail.

Area 7: East of Forest Road 150 to the Continental Divide Scenic Trail.

Area 8: The area east of Forest Route 150 to the Gila National Forest boundary, including the mainland area

Divide Scenic Trail, Victorio Park Mountain, Flagpole Mountain, and Pack Trail.

Area 11: South of Area 8, east of Forest Road 150. This includes Cooney, McKnight Cabin, The Continental Divide Scenic Trail, and Kelly Mesa.


Area 1: Parts of Catron and Sierra counties including Beaverhead and Poverty Creek.

Area 3: Areas of Sierra County including Winston and Chloride.

Area 6: The area west of Forest Road 150 in Grant County.

Area 7: The area west of Forest Road 150, including Rocky Canyon Campground.

Area 8: The area west of Forest Road 150, starting at the south end of Area 7, then about four miles south and about 9-10 miles west.

Area 9: From the northern edge of Zone 1, north along the treeline four miles, east approximately 24 miles, then south to Zone 1, define the northern edge.

Area 11: The area south of Zone 8 on the west side of Forest Road 150. This includes V Cross Ranch, Roberts Lake, and Sapillo Campground.

Area 12: The area south of Area 11. East of Forest Road 150 and east of State Road 35 and Forest Road 150, approximately 4 miles wide, including private property on the side east of Route 35 and Forest Route 150.


Area 10: From the northern edge of Area 9, north three miles, then east approximately 24 miles, then south three miles to the edge of Area 9.

These evacuations are issued by the sheriffs of Grant, Catron and Sierra counties. Find out about the Ready, set, go evacuation program: https://www.emnrd.nm.gov/sfd/fire-prevention-programs/ready-set-go-new-mexico/

Closures: Highway 59 is closed from Mud Hole to intersection 59/150. Forest Route 150 is also closed at the North Star Heliport. I-25 and other state highways remain open. A portion of the Gila National Forest affected by the fire has been firm.

Smoke information:

  • Socorro will experience periods of moderate to USG (unhealthy for sensitive groups).
  • Winston and Chloride will start the day with moderate air quality changing to USG air quality (unhealthy for sensitive groups) as the winds pick up again today.
  • Mimbres, Hanover and San Lorenzo along the Mimbres River drainage will see good air quality as winds push smoke east.
  • Truth or Consequences will have moderate air quality with possible periods of USG. Blowing dust and debris will also reduce air quality and visibility today.
  • Today Magdalena, Lake Roberts, Caballo and Gila Cliff Dwellings will experience good air quality.

Air restrictions: A temporary flight restriction (TFR) above the black light restricts non-light aircraft. This includes civilian drones. Unauthorized aircraft in the area may immobilize firefighting aircraft and impede firefighting efforts, and it may also result in criminal charges for the offender.

Fire Restrictions:

More information:

Black Fire Daily Card 05/30/2022

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