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Firefighters on the trail to Coles Cave. (Photo by Shanice King)

Members of the Barbados Fire Service are attempting to better understand some of Barbados’ cave systems.

A group of 17 including Fire Chief Errol Maynard explored Coles Cave in St Thomas yesterday, led by Barbados Water Authority (BWA) technical adviser Dr John Mwansa, himself an experienced hiker and caver .

“We are here to do a familiarization tour in the cave with Dr Mwansa. We recognized that almost every day hikers and people enter caves and ravines for fun and we also recognized that we really don’t know the terrain and expense of these caves.

“If anything happens we are the ones who have to mount a rescue so we feel it is time we got to know these caves so if anything happens we don’t need to take a civilian to inside to guide us. It is important that we are proactive in saving lives, although at the end of the day, we don’t just want to save lives, we want the quality of life after the rescue to be the same as before,” he said. (CALIFORNIA)

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