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As part of Monday’s consent schedule, City Council approved more than half a million dollars in federal CDBG-CV grant-funded sub-recipient agreements with food pantry program operators for meet the needs of food insecure households caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

Under the agreements, $91,996 would go to the National Day Laborer Organization Network, $113,925 to First AME Church, $19,178 to First United Methodist Church, $85,010 to Foothill Unity Center and $278,515 to the Parks Department , recreation and community services in the city.

A total of $589,164 would be disbursed.

The program provides groceries to food insecure households caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

In its first year of operation, the program was administered by Parks Canada. Department of Recreation and Community Services (PRCS). Meanwhile, the Pasadena Senior Center dropped out of the program due to staffing capacity.

In November 2020, City Council approved a substantial amendment to the 2020-2021 Annual Action Plan allocating $1.1 million in CDBG-CV Round 3 funds for food pantry services under the Department of Parks, recreation and community services.

The funding was made available through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act (CARES Act) and is limited to COVID-19 prevention, preparedness, and response activities.

On January 31, the city council approved the restructuring of the program to transfer the administration function of the PRCS to individual organizations. As a result, total CHRP funds will be reduced to $278,515 to cover the first year of administration and program costs paid through CHRP to pantries.

Here are the other items that passed Monday’s consent timeline:

  • A $270,600 contract award to Mariposa Tree Management to provide brush clearing services for water and power and the department. PWP is responsible for brush clearing on City-owned properties adjacent to neighboring properties and structures. This contract will provide semi-annual brush clearing services for PWP-owned properties adjacent to La Cañada Flintridge and Altadena. Brush clearing services include the removal of invasive vegetation and non-native plants, clearing debris from trails and roads, and reducing litter and debris to within 100 feet of any structure. Work must be completed by May 1 each year as a fire prevention measure and is vital to the safety of public and private property.
  • A $483,000 purchase order contract for the purchase of twenty Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles (EVs) with Enterprise Fleet Management, and a $109,636 purchase order with Enterprise Fleet Management to extend the lease of eighteen Chevrolet Bolts EV. With the growing interest in the emerging electric vehicle market, the city has also taken this opportunity to simultaneously implement rental electric vehicles by identifying vehicles across all city departments that can be converted into fully electric vehicles, especially for those that are used for frequent short trips and would not require carrying large tools or equipment. A total of thirty-eight vehicles were identified in the departments of human resources, public works, fire, information technology, planning and transport. The current 36-month lease agreement for these thirty-eight electric vehicles with Enterprise will expire at the end of this fiscal year. Each EV was reassessed in conjunction with participating departments to determine actual replacement and operational necessity.
  • A five-year, $467,500 purchase order contract with Vision Electric Wholesale Inc., for the supply and delivery of electrical conduit and lamppost ballasts, tools. The Department of Public Works (PW), Street Lighting and Traffic Signals Section (SLATS) requires a variety of parts and equipment to perform routine maintenance for the operation of traffic signals, streetlights and lighting in public parks. It is necessary to replenish the stock of these materials as they are depleted due to routine maintenance and necessary repairs. As such, a tendering process has been initiated to replenish these materials.
  • A $141,226 two-year purchase order contract with Waxie Sanitary Supply for restroom supplies in city buildings. The Public Works, Building Systems and Fleet Management Division (BSFMD) purchases restroom supplies for 39 City-owned buildings in an effort to maintain a clean and safe environment for City employees and visitors. City. The purchase of restroom supplies includes the following items: roll towels, toilet paper, hand soap, multi-ply hand towels and toilet seat covers. Orders are usually placed once or twice a month in varying quantities. Supplies are delivered to a central warehouse at the City Yard for distribution to sites as needed.
  • A June 13 resolution and public hearing to consider granting non-exclusive solid waste franchise renewals. On November 3, 1992, the city council adopted the solid waste collection franchise system. The purpose of the ordinance is to provide standards and procedures for the granting of non-exclusive franchises for the collection of solid waste from commercial, industrial and multi-family residential accounts and to generate revenue for municipal purposes, including, but without limitation, the preparation and implementation of integrated waste management. Development and maintenance of public roads impacted by heavily loaded vehicles.
  • A $111,434 contract with Constant Associates to provide evacuation planning services. In 2021, the City of Pasadena’s Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) was revised citywide. It was noted that it would be in the interest of the City to improve the Plan to take into account the sections of the City that are close to the interface between nature and the city. Neighborhoods in these sections are often isolated, have limited and narrow roads, and are at high risk for wildfires and other hazards. While the current EOP provides strong evacuation guidelines for the general city landscape, it does not take into account the unique challenges faced by communities in these areas. After extensive discussions with Pasadena homeowner associations in these high-risk areas, the fire chief has prioritized developing an evacuation plan to help prevent loss of life in the event of a fire. disaster and will serve as an addendum to the EOP. The Pasadena Fire Department is seeking to contract a consultant to develop an effective evacuation plan for these high-risk neighborhoods that will address their unique terrain such as isolated locations, limited road access, and assess all high-risk vegetation areas throughout the city. The evacuation plan will identify alternate routes and methods of transportation, resources needed for effective evacuation in small and large emergency scenarios, vulnerable population considerations, key traffic points and locations that should be included on evacuation maps.
  • A $285,697 contract with First Due to supply and supply cloud/web-based records management software (RMS). For nearly 20 years, the Pasadena Fire Department (PFD) has used FIREHOUSE software as its primary records management system (RMS) for many of its operations, including managing, tracking, and updating records. emergency response, fire personnel records, fire prevention. activity, public education activity, training and certifications. This RMS also connects directly to the Verdugo Fire Communications Center (VFCC) Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system to receive directly dispatched incident information. FIREHOUSE enables the submission of standardized reports to the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS), a system used by the US Department of Homeland Security to track national incident records. In 2020, the PFD received an official notification that the FIREHOUSE software would be discontinued towards the end of 2022, which necessitated replacing and finding new RMS software.
  • A resolution establishing new classifications and salaries and updating the salaries of existing classifications. The Employment Services Division of the Human Resources Department is responsible for managing classification and compensation work for the City. Periodically, it is necessary to update or add job classifications and salary rates as the City’s tasks and operational needs change over time and the market adapts. The City’s Administrative and Personnel Rules Manual establishes a comprehensive classification submission process in which the Human Resources Department reviews, approves, and makes recommendations on classification requests. As part of a recent classification and compensation review, Human Resources recommends establishing three new classifications to meet the operational needs of three departments, Community Planning and Development, Public Works, and Water and Power. In addition, Human Resources recommends updating the existing salary control rates of five classifications, one in the fire department, one in the information technology department, and three in water and electrical. .

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