City of Campbell Fire Department educates students about fire safety

CITY OF CAMPBELL, Wisconsin (WKBT) – For the 15th year, the City of Campbell Fire Department offered fire prevention training to students at Summit Elementary School.

The children were able to see the firefighters’ equipment and emergency vehicles.

They also had fun using a fire hose.

These are things children could now see unless they were involved in an emergency.

“The most important thing is probably: they get to know us, they see us, we bring equipment that they would see at the scene of a fire or in case of emergency where it could happen at home,” explains Public Fire Education Coordinator Jeff Nylander.

The theme of this year’s lessons revolves around the sounds of fire.

Firefighters help these children feel comfortable with the sound of their voices through masks, as well as the sound of fire trucks.

Nylander says there are currently firefighters in the Campbell Fire Department who remember learning from firefighters when they were students years ago.

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