Creation of thank you cards for firefighting crews

PINNACLE, NC – Some elementary school students thank the firefighters who battled the Pilot Mountain fire in a special way.

“I understand that you spend a lot of time away from your family and make sacrifices for so many things. From Shoals Elementary, we appreciate you very much,” said Hunter Sink, a student at Shoals Elementary.

This is just one of many thank you cards Sink and his fifth-grade class have written for those fighting what officials call “Grindstone’s Fire.”

From Wednesday morning, the Pilot mountain fire had grown to over 1,000 acres, officials said.

What would you like to know

  • Hunter Sink and his fifth grade class made thank you cards for the crews fighting the “Grindstone Fire”
  • Sink’s father was one of the first people to respond to the fire
  • Sink made a special thank you card for his dad and he plans to be a firefighter just like him

“I love that everyone comes together and do such good things for people. Overall it’s amazing. It’s amazing what we can all do if we come together,” Sink said.

Sink’s card is especially important to him as he plans to give this one to his father.

“To know that he’s not only helping to fight a fire, but saving many lives at the foot of the mountain is pretty impressive,” Sink said.

He remembered the moment his father had received the terrible call about the fire.

“He had to go there immediately,” Sink said.

Like his father, Sink plans to become a firefighter.

“I plan to be a firefighter when I grow up because it has really inspired me my whole life,” Sink said.

Just as his father inspires him, he hopes the maps he and his class made will inspire those who are currently on the mountain.

“The sun makes everyone happy. It makes for a good day. It’s sunny outside and you can see, instead of it’s just a moon all the time, ”Sink said.

Sink made a valid point that gives us all pause.

“If the firefighters weren’t going to be up there and with the forestry, just think of the current distance to the fire,” Sink said.

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