Critical Fire Prevention Program and Free Pizza, Return to Harrisonburg

HFD Smoke Alarm Event
As part of HFD’s annual Free Pizza/Free Smoke Alarm event, staff will visit homes in the community to check smoke alarms and ensure they are working properly – while delivering free pizzas to the process. (Above) HFD Lt. Justin Knighten with family about to enjoy some Cici.

The Harrisonburg Fire Department will be spreading throughout the community next week, helping you ensure your home and family are safe from fires. And they will also make sure you are well fed for the night.

The annual HFD Free Pizza/Free Smoke Alarm event returns to Harrisonburg on Wednesday, July 13 for the 19th year. Working with the Cici’s team, HFD staff and dedicated volunteers will hand-deliver a free pizza to anyone living in the city who calls during the 4-8 p.m. event.

After delivering the pizza, HFD crews will check a home’s smoke and carbon monoxide alarms to make sure they are working properly.

Having smoke alarms well placed in your home and regularly checking that they are working is the best way to protect you and your family from fires.[1]related hazards. HFD checked more than 1,000 smoke alarms last year, replaced batteries in 73 devices, and installed more than 100 needed smoke alarms in homes.

“Thanks to our incredible volunteers, Friends of Cici and the dedicated staff of HFD, this event has kept Harrisonburg homes safe for nearly two decades,” said HFD Public Education Officer Lt. Erin Stehle. “We hope more families will join us this year and invite us into their homes so we can be part of their fire safety plan and together make The Friendly City a safer city.”

Any community member wishing to participate in the program can call Cici’s during the event at 540-432-9099 to order their pizza. You can also place an order online by visiting

Orders must be placed after 4 p.m.

This annual program supports HFD’s mission to encourage fire prevention and risk reduction. Anyone with questions about how to protect their home and family from fire can contact HFD at 540-432-7703 to speak with a Community Risk Reduction Specialist.

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