Delhi Fire Service invests over Rs 300 crore in upgrade and equipment

From upgrading its control room through digitization of records to purchasing the latest high-tech equipment for firefighting operations, the Delhi Fire Department will be modernized with an investment of over Rs 300 crore , a senior official said on Tuesday. Director of DFS, Atul Garg said the department received about Rs 332 crore in Delhi budget 2022-23 for modernization.

”This is the first time that such a large budget has been allocated by the Delhi government for the modernization of the department and for the procurement of high-tech equipment for firefighting operations. The budget will also be used to revamp the fire control room by digitizing it,” he said.

The department plans to procure at least 15 pieces of high-tech equipment with modern features including – two 40m aerial ladder platforms (costing Rs 24 crore), three 70m aerial ladder platforms costing Rs 54 crore, a 90-min aerial ladder platform from Rs 24 crore, he said. According to the fire department, other equipment to be procured includes four 33m multi-articulated fire towers costing Rs 30 crore, three 53m multi-articulated fire towers (Rs 45 crore) and two Hazmat vans for emergency situations. disaster costing Rs 20 crore.

This equipment will be used for search, rescue and firefighting operations.

Garg said the expansion of the Delhi Fire Department is underway to improve service efficiency and provide better services to citizens. This will also help to cope with the increased workload that.

It is also proposed to restructure the fire control room to ensure the highest level of accuracy in dispatches, he said.

The fire service aims to go contactless by taking a step towards digitalization and a task force has been set up by the government to explore and adopt modern firefighting and fire prevention technology, a he declared.

“Currently, all records are kept manually on paper. Received fire calls or other emergency calls related to assistance are kept in books. We need to step up computers so that all calls received and records of work done are available on digital platforms to make things easier. This improves accuracy and data can be readily available whenever needed,” added Garg.

The fire department said it would purchase this high-tech equipment through global and local tenders. Previously, the Delhi Fire Department purchased two remote control fire fighting machines (robots) and a turntable ladder.

Five life detectors and 250 sets of breathing apparatus were also purchased and added to the Delhi Fire Department.

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