Did Jujutsu Kaisen Ruin Shonen Jump?

Jujutsu Kaisen is an extraordinary success for Shonen Jump, but given the last series released, JJK could have ruined the weekly manga magazine.

Someone has Shônen jump seems to have a penchant for the green light of supernatural-themed manga series. Over the years there have been several stories in the jump catalog of people fighting demons or evil spirits or youkai or whatever happens in the night. But recent years have seen a notable spike in the publication of such work. It may have something to do with Gege Akutami’s popularity. Jujutsu kaisen.

Jujutsu kaisen itself is an excellent series. It has, among other things, a well-written story, entertaining characters, well-choreographed fights, high stakes, a cool power system, and an interesting world. Unfortunately, not all of these things were successfully achieved by its apparent imitators. All the same, Jump released one ghostly series after another.

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Same veteran Jump writers get on the supernatural hype train: Fire punch Tatsuki Fujimoto a Man with chainsaw, Black cats Kentarō Yabuki is currently working on Ayakashi Triangle; the team behind Food wars! released the one-shot Yugen Ghoul Reception Hall – although it is not known if it will ever be reprinted for a full-fledged series; likewise, the team behind The promised imaginary land created the one-shot Spiritual photographer Saburo Kono, although nothing more resulted from it either; Tite Kubo seems to be trying to get back into this genre with either Bleach Where Burn the witch. It can’t be just a coincidence that so many of these seasoned mangaka concluded around the same time that their next big plans should involve evil spirits or demons.

In truth, however, Jump has featured a lot of supernatural manga since before Jujutsu kaisen. These blockbuster manga include Demon slayer (2016), Bleach (2001), Shaman king (1998) and Yū Yū Hakushō (1990). There is also the ongoing series Blue exorcist (2009) and Twin Star Exorcists (2013). Series like these regularly feature their main characters battling with and against otherworldly forces that threaten their daily lives and they all predate. Jujutsu kaisen (2018). However, there is still a noticeable influx of such series starting in 2018.

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Of all the supernatural manga released since 2018, only a few could be called successful. The only one who seems to have had a good run so far is Man with chainsaw and the supernatural aspect of this series is more unorthodox. Of course, there are still some series going on that have moderate success, like Ayakashi Triangle and Grim Reaper Girl. These series are good, especially Man with chainsaw, but they’re about it.

Most new supernatural series have tried and failed to reproduce Jujutsu Kaisen’s Success before being fired. Series as Phantom light and Guardian of Hell Higuma barely passed the point of 18 chapters, where Jump likes to end most shows abruptly – shows like Our blood oath. Another series, Bone collection, didn’t even go that far, ending in 15 chapters. Some luckier series, like Yui Kamio lets go Where Mitama Security: Spirit Busters managed to exceed 30 chapters before cancellation. These manga might have done better if they had had the time to flesh out their plots and worlds, but this way of storytelling just doesn’t work in modern times. Jump.

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Despite all the failures, however, there are still artists who want to present their take on this genre. Ayashimon and Doron Dororon recently joined the Shônen jump alignment to face Jujutsu Kaisen. It’s too early to say how well these series will work, but it is evident that the Jump superiors still believe there is room for more supernatural manga in their magazine.

While the supernatural genre can oversaturate the modern Jump, there are still plenty of unique series in the magazine. Going through the current programming, there is My hero university, Mashle: Magic and Muscles, Dr Pierre, Sakamoto Days and Elusive samurai. All of these series have totally different premises from each other and none of them focus on otherworldly forces.

There will always be supernatural manga in Jump. Even after Jujutsu kaisen ends and the trend fades, there will be new and old mangaka looking to write about the paranormal. However, Jump Readers can rest assured that the genre does not go beyond magazine – there is enough room for that and all that the art of storytelling has to offer.

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