Early fire prevention awareness crucial

Izah Azahari

Early awareness of fire prevention should be instilled and educated among the public, especially children.

This message was conveyed to students at Tungku Religious School during a fire safety briefing and building evacuation drill held in cooperation with the Fire and Rescue Department (FRD) in the school hall on Thursday.

Some 380 students took part in the briefing and training led by the commander of the Operation Branch “A” of the FRD at the Beribi Fire Station.

Students were briefed on potential causes of fire including electricity, sparks, friction, mechanical heat, chemical reactions, gas compression, and lightning.

Adequate preventive measures will limit the destruction of property and the loss of life during a fire.

Evacuation and fire drills train participants to act quickly and correctly in an emergency.

Participants learned to identify issues that could be overlooked, such as blocked exits; ensure that fire extinguishers work properly and are maintained according to the established period; and provide a map of meeting places and emergency exits.

ABOVE AND BELOW: Male students during the briefing; and an officer from the fire and rescue service gives the briefing. PHOTOS: BAHYAH BAKIR

Female students listen to the briefing

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