East Lake Tarpon Special Firefighting District Appoints New Fire Marshal

EAST LAKE, FL – Fire Chief Jason Gennaro announced the assignment of Division Chief Jason Letzring to the position of Fire Marshal for the East Lake Tarpon Special Fire Control District.

Prior to becoming a fire marshal, Letzring was a district lieutenant and actively engaged in the fire prevention division, assisting Gennaro. Upon the retirement of former fire chief Tom Jamison in June 2021, Letzring was promoted to division chief on the C shift and identified as the future fire marshal during the succession process.

“We are extremely proud of our professional men and women who serve our community, and Chief Letzring will provide the fire prevention leadership necessary to maintain the professionalism of the department,” Gennaro said.

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Letzring joined the East Lake Tarpon Special Fire Control District as a firefighter in 2005. During his 17-year career with the department, he also held the titles of driver-engineer and lieutenant.

Letzring is a Florida State Certified Firefighter and Florida Health Department Certified Emergency Medical Technician. He trained at St. Petersburg College in 2004.

Find out what’s happening at East Lakewith free real-time Patch updates.

He also studied fire science at St. Petersburg College and earned an associate’s degree in 2003. His long list of professional certifications includes fire officer levels 1-3, fire instructor and fire inspector.

He is a member of the Florida West Coast Fire Marshal’s Association and the Pinellas County Fire Marshal’s Association.

Letzring will continue to oversee the Team C team of 12 firefighters, directing all team activities and operations to accomplish the district’s mission. In addition, Letzring will assume the responsibilities of the fire marshal. This includes managing and overseeing district fire inspections, Florida fire code enforcement, building plan reviews, and coordinating additional fire prevention matters.

Letzring was officially assigned the role of fire marshal at the May 24 fire commission meeting with his wife of 12 years, Kayla, and their three supporting children.

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