Elden Ring’s Let Me Solo Her Brought To Life By Cosplay

Elden Ring’s Let Me Solo Her came to life in an impressive closet cosplay, complete with the online legend’s signature dual katanas.

KittyBit games brought Ring of EldenLet Me Solo Her comes to life with an epic closet cosplay, posing with Jarnished’s helmet and katanas. Proving he’s a powerful ally against Ring of EldenMalenia, the fearsome boss of Malenia, Let Me Solo Her has become one of the most famous players in the game. the lone boss despite his large health pool, lightning-fast strikes, and rejuvenation ability. Ring of EldenThe multiplayer hero has become so popular that the community has started paying homage to Let Me Solo Her, creating fanart and memes that commemorate the player’s accomplishments.

The legend of Ring of EldenLet Me Solo Her has only grown over time as the player continues to cooperate with other Ternish to defeat Malenia. The player has become so well known in the Ring of Elden community that some have suggested FromSoftware should pay homage to Let Me Solo Her in DLC, immortalizing the katana-wielding warrior’s jar helmet and minimalist cloth outfit. Whether FromSoftware pays homage to Let Me Solo Her in the Colosseum expansion or with a new multiplayer element referencing the co-op hero, it’s likely that many players will want to see official Let Me Solo Her content in the future. Before the devs made it official, modders had already commemorated the Jarnished in their own way, allowing any player to call on Let Me Solo Her in a new mod.

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bringing Ring of EldenLet Me Solo Her to life, Kitty-Bit games and cosplay~ (Going through DualShockers) posted photos of his new cosplay on Twitter, commemorating the selfless Tarnished. The tribute costume was complete with Let Me Solo Her’s helmet and cloth outfit, as well as the famous dual-wielding katanas. The phrase “self-destructive tendencies“, and under the message, KittyBit Games clarified that the katana used in the cosplay was a custom forge with western integrations that “reverse the half-moon curve as the guard passes.” The jar helmet that KittyBit Games relies on is a 20-pound garden jar, though the cosplayer claimed to have used thick towels inside the prop to reduce discomfort.

Before helping players take on the Goddess of Rot, Let Me Solo Her lost to Melania 242 times. This kind of dedication has earned the player a fine reputation, and while many fans have honored Let Me Solo Her in fan art, KittyBit Games has taken an obvious step forward. The cosplayer has played countless characters and has even been accepted into Capcom’s Creators Program. She posed in Ring of Elden front cosplay too, including a game-accurate depiction of Malenia, the game’s final boss. KittyBit Games is fitting to try Ring of EldenLet Me Solo Her cosplay since the legendary player is said to have killed the main boss over 400 times. Other KittyBit cosplays also include anime IP characters, such as demon slayeris Inosuke and fire forceit’s Maki Oze.

Since the successful launch of the game, Ring of Elden cosplayers have come out of the carpentry, creating costumes for the game’s many memorable characters. Cosplayers have transformed into characters like Ranni and Malenia and even dressed up as George RR Martin and Miyazaki, the creative minds behind Ring of Elden‘s Lands Between.

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Source: Kitty-Bit games and cosplay~ (via DualShockers)

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