Falls account for almost half of all vacation injuries

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Americans are decorating hallways for the next major vacation, but don’t let your Christmas or Hanukkah decorations force you to make an unscheduled emergency or emergency care stop.

The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission released a new study that found that there are an average of 160 decorating-related injuries every day during the holiday season. The CPSC said this totaled about 14,800 people treated in emergency rooms in 2019. Almost half of the injuries involved some fall.

Experts say to avoid decorating alone and make sure you stand on solid ground. If you are using a ladder, make sure it is stable and does not slip when standing on it.

Other decorating risks include dry Christmas trees and candles left burning. The CPSC reported that between 2016 and 2018, there were approximately 100 Christmas tree fires and approximately 1,100 candle fires in November and December of each year. These fires left 30 people dead, 180 injured and millions of dollars in material losses.

If you are investing in an artificial tree, make sure it is labeled “fire resistant” on the label. If you have a living tree, make sure it has enough water and check it often.

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