Family collapses after Moloa’a fire on Thursday

MOLOA’A – Emmy Sckoropad was at her friend’s house on Thursday, having a date to play pool for her 15-month-old Himalayan daughter, when she received a shocking call from her husband, Mingmar Sherpa, at 1:30 p.m.

“He just said ‘there is fire’,” said Sckoropad, 21. “There is fire everywhere. And I didn’t understand what he literally meant, then he said ‘there is fire in the house’.

Sckoropad didn’t think too much about it, suggesting that Mingmar, 24, should simply put out the blaze with a fire extinguisher. It wasn’t until Mingmar FaceTimed got the hang of it.

“He was far from home,” Sckoropad said. “He wasn’t nearby because it was so dangerous… He was at the site and I was speechless. Himalayas by then had just woken up at the same time probably because my reaction had woken her up… It was pretty crazy. I asked her where Luna was. Luna is our dog, a laboratory.

An hour later, Luna showed up to the top of their driveway unharmed but without a collar. The couple normally tie her up at the back of the yard, so they believe she escaped when the fire got closer.

Sckoropad and Sherpa lived in the lower unit while their owner lived in the upper unit of the two-story house. Everything, Sckoropad said, in the house was lost, including Sherpa’s workshop.

“He makes crafts like Native American flutes and drums, from recycled bamboo and hardwood,” Sckoropad said. “He has a good friend who makes little houses, and he collects the wood chips there and makes the flutes. Months and months of work and inventory to prepare for a big launch in his company. He had just finished three days ago. The grief in it.

The Moloa’a fire on Ko’olau Road on Thursday displaced six residents, Kaua’i County said, leaving families more than $ 965,000 in estimated damage.

“(Thursday), I left my daughter at my friend’s house, and they were watching her because I trust them completely,” Sckoropad said Friday morning. “I got out in the car and they wouldn’t let me through because they were isolating the area just to make sure there was no gas leak, or secondary explosions or whatever.”

Because of this, Sckoropad was unable to visit the area on Thursday.

“It was pretty devastating. Fortunately, we have friends who open their places for us. And I mean we don’t have much, I have clothes my friend gave me and Himalayas have some baby clothes. But that’s about what we have left, ”Sckoropad noted.

No injuries were reported and residents were not at home at the time of the fire. American Red Cross volunteers assisted the displaced people. Sckoropad said the Red Cross provided them with help paying for food and accommodation.

“It was really beautiful and encouraging,” she said. “We feel mourning, a lot of feelings and attachments to different objects and objects. But we’re also in awe of the possibilities and the support and it’s really so important to have a community and you feel so grateful to be a part of that community.

Padraic Gallagher of the American Red Cross Kaua’i said he knew it was going to be bad because the county sent so many vehicles to the site.

“When I got the call and they said it was possible three or four units, I was a little worried,” Gallagher said. “Potentially, it could be a lot of people. The house was totally lost, (but we are) happy that we were able to be there to help.

Firefighters responded to a report of a structural fire at a two-story dwelling in Moloa’a on Ko’olau Road at around 1:20 p.m. Thursday.

Staff from Kapa’a, Kaiakea and Lihu’e fire stations; Rescue 3; Aerial 1; the Fire Prevention Office; the battalion commander on duty; Kaua’i Police Department; and the Department of Public Works responded to the incident.

Part of Ko’olau Road was closed for about five hours, as first responders established a post and commuted across the water. Only local traffic was allowed to use the road.

According to a preliminary report, on their arrival around 1:30 p.m., firefighters discovered a two-story residence completely ravaged by flames.

Firefighters used tender 1 and a Department of Public Works tanker truck and circulated water through Ko’olau Road to help with the extinction. Additionally, Air 1 used a drop of water on the fire.

Firefighters extinguished the blaze and cleaned the area at around 5.20 pm At around 7.40 pm, a team from the Kaiakea fire station returned to the scene to investigate the smoldering remains.

On Friday, teams from the KFD fire prevention office are on site, as the cause of the fire is still under investigation.

“It’s a wide range of emotions of not being able to mentally understand what’s going on, and the understanding of not being able to go back or have the things that you use on a daily basis to find stability,” Sckoropad said. And the range of feeling helpless towards my daughter and like, ‘Oh, I can’t get you your favorite book or I don’t have that binky or I don’t have your sewing machine or I don’t. have not just little little things and so helpless.

Sckoropad said that in the midst of the unexpected, she felt extremely supported and loved.

“Because people present themselves in the most beautiful and generous way,” said Sckoropad. “And it’s really beautiful and also difficult because I’ve never had to be in a situation where I needed to ask for help to that extent.”

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