FE3H: What is the weapon triangle and why was it removed

The Fire Emblem Three Houses is a tactical role-playing game that features battles that take place in a school setting. The game is developed by Intelligent Systems Studios and Koei Tecmo Games. However, it is published by Nintendo.

Also, what makes it a nintendo switch exclusive game. Also, Fire Emblem is a cooperative multiplayer game if you didn’t know that. The game series also had a rock, paper, scissors and weapon system called triangle of arms. The real question is whether Fire Emblem Three Houses Weapon Triangle

Fire Emblem Three Houses is a title 2019 which has a very rich content. The reason for the rich content is that there is three different stories paths you can follow. So you can play the game three times and still be amused. Also, whenever you get bored, just try the fight which is very intoxicating. You’re always bored, so why not take out the boss Cleobulus in Fire Emblem.

However, to take down a boss like this, you might want to collect some of the best Fire Emblems weapons and also know the best classes. Now, if you’re still bored with all the fighting, why not try Fire Emblem’s gardening and cooking recipes. We think these will keep you busy enough that you won’t tire of the game.

Now back to the task at hand, which is Fire Emblem Three Houses Weapon Triangle. We’ll cover the topic in depth and might even answer some of the questions you might be interested in.

What is the Weapon Triangle in Fire Emblem

Fire Emblems Three Houses Gameplay

Fire Emblems Weapon Triangle is a very unique concept that has rarely been featured in games of this caliber. The function is also known as rock Paper Scissors characteristic. Fire Emblem Franchise used the feature for the first time in Fire Emblem Holy War Genealogy.

After that, the triangle of arms appeared in each fire emblem game, including fallout. Some of the titles he was featured in are Fire Emblem Fates, Fire Emblem Heroesand Fire Emblem Warriors.

The triangle of weapons basically means that certain weapons will have advantages or disadvantages over other weapons. With the weapon triangle indeed, some players could attack with precision and the rapidityor for the unfortunate, the speed and accuracy would decrease.

In fire emblem the function is traditionally used like this swords would be favored over a chopped. While a chopped would be higher than spearwhich would be even better than a sword. Regarding the Bows, knives and magicthey all have a neutral position in the triangle of weapons where they will have neither advantages nor disadvantages.

games like Elder Scrolls Skyrim use the weapon triangle for their magic fight. In Skyrim case they use it to give advantages and disadvantages to a magic user through different elements. The elements of Skyrim are Lighting, frost and fire.

Each game has its own vision of the weapon triangle so they use it differently. Even in a franchise like fire emblem with each title, the triangle of weapons is modified to adapt to the different weapons.

For example the revered weapons in Fire Emblem The Blazing Blade and the dual weapons in the Fire Emblem Fates. Then we will discuss the Fire Emblem Three Houses Weapon Triangle.

Weapon Triangle Of Fire Emblem Three Houses

The Fire Emblems Weapon Triangle
The Fire Emblems Weapon Triangle

Now let’s discuss Fire Emblem Three Houses Weapon Triangle. Unfortunately, in Three Housesthe weapon triangle was deleted. The weapon’s triangle was one of the features that favored the Fire Emblems Titles most.

Well, for some reason, the director of Three Houses, Toshiyuki Kusakiharadid not include the feature in-game. However, they developed a alternative to triangle of arms which was eventually also loved by fans.

The alternate functionality

A sword in Fire Emblem Three Houses

Now you might be wondering that if there is no weapon triangle in the Fire Emblem Three Houses then there could be a similar system. Well, if you were wondering, congratulations, because you were right. Fire Emblem Three Houses has a alternate functionality.

The new combat art system essentially allows players to develop their skills and strength fighting on the ground. The in-game academy also serves to do the same thing but in a better environment.

With this system, you can build your character as you see fit thanks to its advantages and disadvantages. With the new feature, you can Personalize your character even more than in previous titles.

However, some of the basics of weapon triangle are still in effect for Fire Emblem Three Houses. As the bows will do again more damage to aerial enemies.

Additionally, you can still use the weapon triangle by training one of your units to maximum skill level in another weapon style as yours and ultimately using the unit’s special ability on your weapon to do the same type of attack. This could be used to remember the Fire Emblem Three Houses Weapon Triangle.

However, to achieve the above ability, you will have to sacrifice your weapon durability. As the weapon after gaining the ability will lose its durability twice as fast. Now we are going to discuss why the director of Fire Emblem Three Houses chose to withdraw the weapon triangle.

Why was it deleted

Well when the Fire Emblem Three Houses was close to its official release, the director asked if the weapon triangle like the previous Fire Emblem Titles would still be in Three Houses. To this, the director, Toshiyuki Kusakihara, replied “We think the weapon triangle is a bit of a stylized system, it’s not really realistic. If you have a situation where a novice ax user takes down an advanced spear user, well, does that make sense? Probably not”.

After this shocking response, he also added that “We wanted to create something that feels more realistic for warfare and allow players to develop their weapon skills individually”. This is a clear hint towards the new system we discussed above.

Also, he says, “We really are creating a less restrictive weapon system than our previous games”. With the final comment, he really revealed why they were removing the triangle from the weapon and what the new system could offer fans.

Fire Emblem Three Hopes
The latest version of Fire Emblem

With the why revealed, we conclude our guide as we have detailed the Fire Emblem Three Houses Weapon Triangle. We discussed the Fire Emblem Weapon Trianglethe alternative which was introduced in Three Housesand why the changed the weapon triangle.

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