Fire at Wadia hospital as doctors ‘operate on Kid’; Crisis averted | Bombay News

Mumbai: A fire broke out at the Nowrosjee Wadia maternity ward in Parel around 7pm on Friday, after which eight fire engines, six tankers and an ambulance were dispatched to the site. No injuries were reported in the incident, but sources said just before the fire broke out, a team of medics began operating on a child in the first-floor operating theatre.
The fire started shortly after the child was opened for abdominal surgery, a source said, adding that upon hearing a loud noise, doctors closed the incision without wasting time and managed to lead the child away from danger. Some said two other children were in the waiting room inside the OT complex and would have been sedated soon as they were also due to undergo procedures. A quick response helped medical teams avoid any major crisis, the source said.
While firefighters confirmed that procedures were underway at the OT complex when the fire broke out, the hospital claimed otherwise. Firefighters said the fire occurred on the first floor of the hospital in the UPS room. The room is adjacent to an operating room, which caused smoke to enter.
Divisional Fire Officer DS patient said they were told surgery was in progress when the fire started. “However, doctors and hospital staff were extremely alert and ensured that patients were safely evacuated. We had to smash the windows in the operating room to make sure the smoke could escape because the room was airtight, as required by any hospital,” Patil said.
Fire chief Hemant Parab said the blaze led to the first and second floors clearing smoke. “The second floor has pediatrics intensive care where children were on ventilators, oxygen and also in incubators, and doctors and other staff got them out in time,” Parab said.
Patil said there were nearly 300 patients on the two floors of the hospital. The building’s fire-fighting system was operational. The fire was extinguished on all sides at 7:48 p.m. Hospital administration officials said no patients had been transferred out of the hospital and all were safe.


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