Fire cadets are encouraged to become productive citizens

Fire Chief Errol Maynard urged graduates of the Barbados Fire Service Cadet Program to work hard and be dedicated in their quest to become productive citizens.

He also encouraged their parents to support them in other similar positive development activities.

Maynard offered the advice on Friday during the pass out parade for this year’s cohort of 15 cadets who he said demonstrated the skills they learned during the eight-week course, including rope prowess and knot, hose and hydrant drills, and emergency response protocols.

The fire chief praised the cadets for their efforts in the program, now in its 22nd year.

“This Barbados Fire Service Cadet Program…has touched the lives of many young people…This is a developmental program run by the Barbados Fire Academy in which we take the opportunity to transform lives of our young boys and girls, our young men and women, to make them more productive citizens of the Republic of Barbados,” said Maynard.

He said that young people’s participation in this and other similar activities should be welcomed and encouraged by their parents.

“Parents, guardians, loved ones, you need to help your children do good, positive things,” Maynard said.

“Very often when a child does something or asks to do something positive, you doubt the authenticity of it, you put off making that decision to say ‘go’.

“When they do something negative or there’s something you’re not so sure about but it’s glamorous, you don’t hesitate to say ‘yes’… We need to support our children when they do something something good, positive and uplifting,” he added. (SB)

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