Fire Department Shows Support for Firefighters Cancer Support Network

Source: fire brigade cafe

A cancer diagnosis is a punch every time. Not only for the patient who receives the news and considers his future, but also for his loved ones whose world is turned upside down.

The good news for firefighters and emergency medical service professionals is that they will never have to face this battle alone. The Cancer Firefighters Support Network made sure of that, and the Fire Dept. Coffee Foundation is honored to donate $5,000 to help FCSN continue their incredible work to support our brothers and sisters, and their families, to face cancer with every possible resource available to them.

We’ve seen the impact the Firefighter Cancer Support Network can have because they provided massive support when our very own Chief Roaster, retired Fire Captain David McWilliamswas diagnosed with advanced malignant melanoma in 2018.

He is just one example of the many whose burdens have been eased through the services, resources and ongoing support of the Firefighter Cancer Support Network.


The Firefighter Cancer Support Network was started in 2005 by Michael Dubron, a Los Angeles County paramedic firefighter and stage IV colon cancer survivor. Many of its leaders are also cancer survivors and all are passionate about helping those facing the challenges of a cancer diagnosis.

Unfortunately, firefighters and emergency medical service professionals are, statistically, more at risk than most. CDC and National Institute for Occupational Health and Safety research shows firefighters are at a 9% higher risk of being diagnosed with cancer than the average person — and a 14% higher risk of dying of a cancer.

The first thing the FCSN does when it learns of a new diagnosis is to provide a free cancer support toolkit along with a firefighter’s guide to cancer survivorship filled with resources to help firefighters and their families in the face of cancer diagnosis, treatment and recovery phases.

FCSN also offers badge-to-badge peer support, connecting them with one of the network’s more than 200 peer support mentors, nearly all of whom are firefighters and cancer survivors. The organization also offers peer-to-peer support to spouses and children, helping them learn to take care of themselves while caring for their loved one.

The FCSN website is also a treasure trove of valuable resources focused on awareness, prevention, treatment and more.

We never want to see any of our siblings diagnosed with cancer, but it’s comforting to know that, thanks to the Firefighters Cancer Support Network, they will always have an amazing team supporting them through life. path.

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