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In the district of Palakkad itself there were people who could do the same things as the army, for example the diving team. All of them carried out rescue operations even at 400 meters depth on hills.

Army saves Babu

Palakkad: A show cause notice was sent to the district fire officer here for ‘delaying’ the mission to rescue the youths trapped in the hills of Cherad Kumpachi in Malampuzha. B Sandhya IPS, the General Manager of Fire and Rescue Services sent the notice that the mission was ineffective.

The notice, which called for an explanation within 48 hours, also alleged that the information had not been communicated in time to senior officials.

The world had seen through the media that a man was begging for his life for over 40 hours. None of this information was reported to the state office or the technical department. There were many complaints that technical assistance had not been provided and that insufficient personnel had been sent to the site for rescue operations.

In the district of Palakkad itself, there were personnel capable of doing the same things as the army. They carried out similar rescue operations.

There were numerous allegations against the district fire officer for remaining helpless throughout the rescue operations.

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