Firefighter Featherstone follows family tradition

Toby Farmer, Featherstone Fire Station’s newest recruit

Toby Farmer, 25, has followed a family tradition of joining the service as a duty firefighter after moving from New South Wales to Australia, where his father and grandfather spent their working lives in the service fire.

Toby, who is a team leader for a landscaping company, moved to Featherstone after meeting her fiance in Japan.

He said: “For me it was never a question of ‘if’ I was going to join the fire department, but ‘when!’

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Toby Farmer and his fellow graduates.

“I’ve always wanted to give something back and take care of people, and being able to do that in the community that is home to my extended family is great.”

Toby and his 11 fellow graduates are the last to join the service after a 14 week training course at the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service headquarters in Birkenshaw.

There they learned skills such as rescuing the injured, using firefighting equipment and working as a team.

West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service Fire Chief John Roberts said: ‘We are all very proud and impressed with the new West Yorkshire Firefighters and I am delighted to celebrate their graduation from the 203rd Trainee Course. .

“It is extremely encouraging to see the attitude, determination and dedication of our interns, as it is throughout the department.

“I wish all graduating firefighters a very long, happy and safe career and they deserve the appreciation they deserve from the West Yorkshire communities.”

The Featherstone Fire Station is made up of on-call firefighters from all walks of life who provide day, evening and / or weekend coverage in addition to their normal day-to-day commitments.

They are not station based, but when on call, they must be able to reach their station within five minutes of sounding their pager.

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