Firewood Demand Rises as Cold Snap Hits Triangle

RALEIGH, NC (WNCN) – The sudden cold front has us turning on the heat and lighting the fireplace. People selling firewood in the Triangle said they really started to see sales pick up this weekend.

A cool day and a crackling fire – it’s a combination that feels like fall, and Martin Albers of NC Firewood said he’s seen more people looking for firewood lately.

“Last year was such a good year, I sold lumber,” Albers said.

It will still be a while before his supply is ready for this season, but he said a lot of people are already looking.

“I probably get 10 calls a day,” he said. “The cost of energy and heating your home definitely drives people to buy firewood.”

The U.S. Energy Information Administration predicts households will pay more for natural gas, oil and electricity than last winter, but Albers said he’s also seen firewood prices rise.

“The bundles cost, maybe 2 or 3 years ago, 5 or 6 dollars; now you see them for $10 and up,” Albers said.

Firewood prices seem to vary depending on where you shop. Some sellers said they saw higher costs, while others did not.

Vivian Juarez, who sells firewood at the State Farmers Market, said her prices didn’t go up this year, but last year.

She brings her firewood to the Farmer’s Market from a farm in Johnston County, and while a chilly Monday morning didn’t attract too many customers, she said many people bought wood over the weekend .

“It’s busy all day,” she said.

Albers and Juarez stocked up just in time for the cold weather this week.

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