Florida police sergeant hits back, injures 4 people inside BMW

NORTH MIAMI BEACH, Florida – Someone opened fire on a police sergeant as he tried to stop a vehicle while patrolling North Miami Beach, officials said.

Media reported that the shooting occurred along Biscayne Boulevard just after 2:30 a.m. Thursday.

The sergeant heard gunshots and saw occupants inside a white BMW and black Dodge Charge shoot each other, Police Chief Richard Rand told media.

When the sergeant attempted to stop one of the vehicles, someone inside opened fire, Rand said. The sergeant fired back and the two vehicles fled. The sergeant was not injured.

Authorities then arrested the BMW, Rand said. Four people inside the car were shot or grazed by bullets or shrapnel, he said.

They were taken to hospital and none of the injured suffered life-threatening injuries, he said.

Rand did not provide the sergeant’s name, Bus said he had been with the ministry for about six years and was the supervisor of the night patrol.

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An investigation is continuing.

This is the third recent shooting involving an officer in South Florida. Hollywood policeman Yandy Chirino was shot and killed in an October 17 confrontation with a suspicious teenager, and two Doral policemen were injured in a shootout on October 22.

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