FOGMAKER South Africa’s Smart, Efficient and Economical Fire Suppression Solutions Showcased at EMA 2022

High pressure water mist fire suppression system supplier FOGMAKER South Africa uses Electra Mining Africa 2022 as a platform to showcase its renowned fire suppression systems, as well as introduce new products and technologies in the mining industry.

“Based on our past experience, this mining expo provides an excellent meeting point for all of our stakeholders, from customers, end users and industry experts to our original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners,” says FOGMAKER South Africa MD John Russellwhich adds that this year’s show will also see the unveiling and introduction of Q-TEC Fire’s foam fire suppression solution to the company’s product portfolio.

Considering that fires pose a real and serious threat to mining operations, especially since every diesel-powered vehicle and machine is susceptible due to the presence of heat, rapid airflow and flammable fluids, Russell emphasizes that steps must be taken to minimize the risk of fire through design and operational procedures.

When the risk of fire is still unacceptable, it is essential to ensure that there is an effective, certified and reliable fire suppression system, as a small fire in a mine can spread quickly, causing results catastrophic, including loss of life and exorbitant damage and downtime costs.

“Building on the huge success of the live demonstrations of our FOGMAKER triple action fire suppression system at the 2018 show, visitors to our stand P17 in the Lake Nasrec area can once again expect see this very effective system in action,” continues Russel.

“Daily live demonstrations will be performed on a FOGMAKER system installed on an OEM mining machine, highlighting the full flood capability of water mist technology as well as the ability to integrate our technologies into OEM equipment. to ensure safe operation.”

A large delegation of FOGMAKER International will travel from Sweden to participate in the exhibition, and stakeholders will be able to discuss FOGMAKER’s global business and operations with them.

“We are also extremely pleased to announce that we will be showcasing a real installation of FOGMAKER on various OEM equipment at partner OEM booths,” enthused Russell.


The lightweight, low maintenance FOGMAKER system uses the power of the purest extinguishing agent (i.e. water) in the form of high pressure fog to effectively extinguish the fire in seconds.

The system combines water with 3% Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) to rapidly attack the three components of the fire triangle, namely heat, oxygen and fuel.

“We call this the FOGMAKER TRIPLE ACTION3 effect,” adds Russell.

The FOGMAKER system is suitable for all applications where diesel powered machinery is used and is cleverly designed to be compact and installed in any orientation.

This makes it particularly suitable for machines where space to mount a storage cylinder is limited, as is the case with most mobile mining equipment. FOGMAKER systems are manufactured to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards and have been certified by globally recognized authorities to meet global fire suppression standards.

“We recently expanded our solution reach to very large mobile equipment and fixed installations with the introduction to our product portfolio of the Q-TEC Fire Services foam fire suppression system,” adds he.

Q-TEC is based in Australia and the company prides itself on 30 years of experience supplying foam fire suppression systems manufactured there.

Q-TEC uses F3 fluorine-free foaming agent which is compliant with all U.S. Environmental Protection Agency laws and offers the “most advanced and most advanced foam spray fire suppression systems developed in the mining industry”.

Russell explains that the system is ideal for large mobile mining equipment, as well as fixed installations such as diesel drums and conveyor belts.

FOGMAKER and Q-TEC fire extinguishing systems are also suitable for the military, maritime, port, airport, bus and coach and forestry sectors.

“Our offering includes lease-to-own financing options to help protect large fleets where upfront costs are normally restrictive,” adds Russell.

Russell further points out that while the effectiveness of the company’s fire suppression systems, which are validated by extensive global certification, is the key factor in selection, “the effectiveness of any fire suppression system ‘Fire when put into action is ultimately defined by the design, installation and maintenance of the system’.

He explains that this in turn depends on the ability and training of the installation technicians, and that the company prides itself on its “highly qualified and professional team”.

Additional added value provided by FOGMAKER and Q-TEC solutions includes low total cost of ownership, driven by extended life cycle, low maintenance and machine availability.

“Additionally, our systems’ ability to integrate seamlessly with OEM and third-party systems improves safety by ensuring that the machine cannot operate without an active fire suppression system,” says Russell.

“We invite all Electra Mining visitors to join us at our booth to see these systems in action and meet in person our team of specialists eager to share more about our products and technologies. We look forward to a very successful show and entertaining everyone on our infamous Thursday night party with live entertainment,” he concludes.

FOGMAKER South Africa is a proud subsidiary of GiGi Investments and will be exhibiting at Electra Mining with sister companies Integrated Air Solutions, Integrated Pump Technology, Integrated Pump Rental and Sunward Africa.

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