Folsom crews conduct wet weather prescribed burns for future fire prevention – CBS Sacramento

FOLSOM (CBS13) – Over the past week, northern California has seen much-needed rain in the Sacramento Valley and snow in the Sierra.

Wet weather is welcome after a dry summer, but how much will it help? CBS13 visited Folsom to speak with firefighters and residents about the current conditions.

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The Folsom Zoo, Police Department, Town Hall, and Johnny Cash Trail are all side by side.

“I usually come for a walk my dog ​​or sometimes to the zoo or sometimes my daughter has a soccer game here,” said Dave Ganguli, who has lived in the Folsom area for years. “It’s great for the people who live in Folsom.

But the area is surrounded by dry brush and trees that the Folsom Fire Department says are ripe for burning.

“Once a fire starts, there are a lot of things that it can do,” said Folsom Fire Battalion Chief Matt McGee.

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So, with rain in the forecast on Monday, crews burned it down to defend the area from a future fire.

“It’s really nice to clean everything up,” McGee said.

Over the past week, the Folsom area has accumulated seven inches of rain, helping fire crews control prescribed burns.

“Any humidity that we get is definitely a good thing,” McGee said.

But is it enough to impact drought and future dry conditions? According to leaders of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Drought Task Force, parts of California are expected to experience 200% of typical precipitation over the next three months to improve statewide drought – and despite recent wet weather. Folsom officials say they expect a dry winter to come.

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“It’s an indication that winter is approaching, but we’re not yet out of fire season,” McGee said. “We anticipate that we will have significant fire danger during the winter now.”

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