Iringa Fire and Rescue Force offers fire accident training

The initiative was part of the Fire Prevention Week 2022 commemorations being held at Mwembetogwa Field in Iringa Municipality.

Speaking at the launch here, Iringa Regional FRF Commander Isabela Mbwago said many Tanzanians still do not know what to do during fires so educating them was of paramount importance.

Mbwago kicked off the celebrations by inspecting vehicles at Iringa and Mlandege bus stops and saying that there were a good number of vehicles that lacked fire extinguishers.

“The other thing is that most of the workers who work in these vehicles are not aware of the use of the emergency number – 114 during disasters, so motorists should be aware of this and ensure that their vehicles are equipped with the firefighting equipment,” she remarked.

The theme of the celebrations for this year 2022 is “A strong economy based on fire protection and vigilance against fire risks”, and the culmination of the celebrations is today.

She mentioned some of the tasks the military must do to put out fires, provide education on fire prevention and fire safety, perform inspections and fire protection, read building blueprints, and provide guidance.

She also said that the FRF also provides first aid for road accidents and accidents, conducts firefighting training, investigates fires and provides humanitarian services.

Mbwago urged the people of Iringa to come to the field in large numbers to get a good education and also to bring their vehicles for a free inspection where they will learn how to use the fire extinguishers in their cars and areas.

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