“Keep the Crown Green” for Fire Prevention in Cherokee County

CHEROKEE COUNTY, GA – During the holiday season, the Cherokee County Fire and Emergency Services will be participating in the “Keep the Crown Green” campaign until January 1, 2022. A green bulb on the crown will be replaced with a red light bulb for every structural fire that occurs in Cherokee County during that time.

The purpose of this campaign is to remember to practice fire prevention while on vacation. This is the time of year when we enjoy festive meals with family and friends, decorate the rooms with colorful decorations and listen to the cries of joy as the children open their beautifully wrapped gifts.

But according to Lisa Grisham, senior fire educator, the county has experienced eight structural fires.

“This year, we hope the crown will remain totally green,” she said.

The fire stations where the wreaths are placed are Station 3 at Hickory Flat, Station 7 in Little River, Station 8 in Holly Springs, Station 19 at Ridge Mill Court, Station 22 on Bells Ferry Road, and Station 23 on Vaughan Road to Hickory Flat and Cherokee County Fire Headquarters.

Wreaths have also been placed in other locations including Northside Cherokee Hospital, Lowes in Canton, Bridgemill Subdivision, Cannon Park, Cherokee County Chamber of Commerce, and the Parks and Center County Recreation Center.

Use this checklist to make sure everyone has a safe vacation:

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