Kent Co. first responders train for active shooter incidents

The formation of the Rescue Task Force is a first responder strategy to provide lifesaving medical attention to victims and get them out of danger as quickly as possible.

CALEDONIA, Mich. – Kent County Police and Fire Departments are training to respond to active shooter and stabbing situations.

Local departments met Thursday evening to review reports of past incidents with high casualties, such as the mass shooting in Aurora, Colorado in 2012.

“(Law enforcement) tries to learn from every incident that happens, and we’re making changes as we go. The changes that we’re training on tonight, all of the National Fire and police across the country are exposed to it and have been for the past few years,” Kent County Emergency Management Coordinator Matt Groesser said.

It’s called the formation of the Rescue Task Force, a first responder strategy to provide life-saving medical attention to victims and get them out of an active assailant situation as quickly as possible.

Groesser says they’ve learned that getting victims out of active situations as quickly as possible is key to their survival.

The evening began with a presentation, followed by practical work.

“In partnership, these groups go into what we call ‘the hot zone,’ so an area that may have been quickly cleared, but may not have been completely secured by law enforcement,” Groesser said. . “(They) are looking for any kind of gunshot or stab victims that might be there so they can provide tourniquet care, chest seals, Israeli bandages, anything along those lines. , then get them out in an ambulance as quickly as possible.”

This is the last county rescue task force training of the year. In previous trainings, they practiced scenarios in different contexts.

“We actually try to take on different types of facilities each time we do this training. It can happen anywhere, as we know. So it’s something we take very seriously, and we want to ensure that our first responders have a variety of training so that they learn the concepts, but not necessarily only in a school setting, or only in a religious setting, or in a township office or government building as possible at every time we do the training,” says Groesser.

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