Levant 4th graders put their firefighting skills to the test at Spark Pug Academy

LEVANT, Maine (WABI) — A group of fourth-grade students from Levant finished Spark Pug Academy this week with plenty of takeout.

They spent the week learning the ropes of firefighting and fire safety with the Levant Fire Department.

“In 2015 we had a young child who lost his life in a house fire. It hit the community pretty hard, the Caring Cities we work with, and we just thought, hey , we have to do something to educate the kids. We saved a pug in the fire, and from there we started our own Spark Pug Fire Academy and a Fire Prevention Academy,” said Fire Chief Eric Strout .

From rescuing victims from a smoky house to learning CPR, the goal of the week is to pique the interest of the next generation.

“We need community involvement, we need the community to support us and maybe they learn that now, in a few years, they want to give back to the community,” Strout said.

Brayden Dewitt is one of the academy’s instructors.

He showed everyone around the fire station and said he learned a lot of valuable skills.

“This job requires a lot of hard work, it requires helping the community, being communicative and helping all the other people around us with fires, saving lives and helping other families in danger. so they can be safe,” Dewitt said.

Bradan McKay says his favorite part of the academy was the obstacle course and learning about the importance of teamwork with his friends.

“When you walk into a real building, you need a team because one can get lost and the other can get hurt, so you need partners,” McKay said.

The academy ended on Wednesday with a final test of their skills and whipped cream straight to the face for anyone who beat Brayden’s time in the obstacle course.

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