Man “with chainsaw threatens to kill woman” – before setting himself on fire

Police said a man threatened to kill a woman with a chainsaw before “setting himself up” in a Hartlepool home.

Armed police were called to Campbell Road after reports of a high-stakes domestic incident on Saturday evening.

The force says the occupier made serious threats to kill a woman on the property, who luckily was not injured, before seriously burning herself.

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A Cleveland Force spokesperson said: “Police were called to an address in Hartlepool around 7.20pm on Saturday to report a domestic incident in which a man with a chainsaw seriously threatened to kill another person on the property and injure himself .

“Officers attended the scene and spoke to the man, who continued to utter threats to injure himself, and during the incident he self-inflicted severe burns on himself.

“The trained firearms officers discharged an AEP, also known as a baton, as a minimum force option to put an end to the incident.

“The man was arrested in connection with the incident and taken to hospital with severe burns.

“A referral has been made to the Independent Bureau for Police Conduct as a mandatory referral.”

CSI on site

On Sunday, crime scene investigators were observed entering the property and a single police van sat outside taped across the house.

A neighbor told Teesside Live: “It started around 7pm last night, I first knew it was a bunch of blue lights.

“Police vans were lined up along the road and fire trucks pulled up.

“Then the armed police went up the road and entered the house.”

Police in a house on Campbell Road in Hartlepool
Police in a house on Campbell Road in Hartlepool

Another added: “The neighbors have been ordered by the emergency services to close our curtains and turn off the lights.”

The Northeast Ambulance Service has been contacted for further details.

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