Mayo Becomes 1st GMC in the State to Get an Independent ‘Fire Safety Department’ | Nagpur News

The hospital has hired a trained and experienced fire safety officer, who stays in the office five days a week, five hours a day

Nagpur: The fire safety department with a full-time professional fire safety officer and trained staff started operating at Indira Gandhi Government Medical College (IGGMCH) earlier this week. Mayo Hospital has become the first and only government medical college in Maharashtra to have such a department with dedicated staff to deal with fire accidents.
The hospital has hired a trained and experienced fire safety officer, who stays in the office five days a week, five hours a day. The officer not only inspects rooms, establishments, electricity control and other sections for fire safety, but also trains personnel in firefighting. More than 15 staff members, including class III and class IV health workers, medical residents and professors of medicine, have been trained over the past three months to develop a full-fledged department.
The process of creating this department had been going on for three months, said Dr. Vaishali Shelgaonkar, who developed this concept for Mayo Hospital.
“After a series of reported fires in hospitals during Covid-19, we started to think about a permanent solution. My concept of having a fire safety service, dedicated to the cause of preventing fires was welcomed by our Dean as well as our District Collector,” Dr Shelgaonkar said.
The then Dean of IGGMC, Dr. Bhawana D Sonawane and Nagpur District Collector, R Vimala supported this concept. The district collector provided funds for the project.
“We hired an experienced firefighter who previously worked in the fire department and also had experience in field training to general population through Nagpur fire safety college,” Dr Shelgaonkar said. Several training sessions, simulations of exercises took place under the direction of the new officer. A team has been trained in emergency patient evacuation, electrical fire management, oxygen plant safety, and more. during the three month period.
“The fire department is a unique addition to our hospital’s safety protocol. We have our in-house fire audit team to suggest a fire safety protocol for every modification or structural change suggested by management,” Dr Shelgaonkar said. The fire safety team also performs regular inspections of oxygen plants, O2 supply system and power supply cables in wards, ICUs and NICUs.
The in-house fire safety service created by IGGMC has all the potential to become a model project for other GMCs and large hospitals, especially in Maharashtra, where more than 80 lives have been lost in hospital fires over the past few years. last 15 months.
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