MCU: 10 anime characters worthy of wielding the Ten Rings

The MCU is home to a variety of powerful and mystical artifacts, from Thor’s hammer Mjolnir and Captain America’s shield to the ten rings that Xu Wenwu and his son Shang-Chi wield in battle. Xu Wenwu used them for centuries until his son beat him and claimed them as a true hero.

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The Ten Rings are best used by a noble and powerful fighter who will stand up for justice and peace, and Shang-Chi would only trust himself or someone resembling him with these precious artifacts. If Shang-Chi lent the ten rings to warriors from the world of Japanese anime, who would he trust to wield them as heroes?

ten Yasutora “Chad” Sado is responsible for her strength (bleach)

bleach chad

The Ten Rings, unlike Mjolnir, aren’t very picky about who wields them – heroes and villains could grab them and start using them at will. Thus, Shang-Chi wants to make sure that only a noble and heroic person claims his power, and he would endorse Chad, a good friend of Ichigo Kurosaki.

Chad understands that with great power comes great responsibility, and he won’t dare abuse his own strength or a gift like the Ten Rings. With these rings, Chad would become an even greater melee power and invent a variety of melee techniques along the way.

9 Jonathan Joestar would be honored with the rings (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Jonathan is the first JoJo

Classic Shonen heroes like Jonathan Joestar can almost always be trusted with great power and great responsibility, and that’s why Baron Zeppeli taught him to use the devastating power of hamon, or Ripple. Jonathan used this power to defeat Dio Brando, but he’s looking to expand his skills.

The next step is to obtain the Legendary Ten Rings, and Shang-Chi, upon meeting him, would recognize Jonathan as a noble hero who would give his life to defend the innocent and save the world. He would make good use of the ten rings against non-vampire enemies.

8 Izuku Midoriya Can Get Creative With The Rings (My Hero Academia)

Izuku looking skyward at my hero university

Izuku Midoriya is another classic shonen character who has the true heart of a hero, which is why All Might trusts him with the power of One For All. This is already a good sign in Shang-Chi’s eyes – no one would be trusted to handle such power responsibly.

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Shang-Chi would gladly lend Izuku all ten rings, especially if Izuku is at his limit with One For All. In combat, intelligent and perceptive Izuku would innovate all kinds of new moves and techniques with the rings, and Shang-Chi would take notes.

7 Captain Akitaru Obi shines when using tools and weapons (Fire Force)

fire force akitaru obi

For most of the characters in the Fire force universe, which already have powerful ignition capabilities, the ten rings are redundant and completely different in terms of power and performance. But Captain Akitaru Obi would put it to good use.

Akitaru Obi has no ignition abilities, so he uses his own strength and equipment to fight Infernals and other enemies. He would accept the Ten Rings for a short-term loan and beat the wad of cultists and white-clad infernals, then allow his allies to finish the job with their ignition abilities.

6 Thors would use the rings to pacify Viking raids (Vinland Saga)

Thor Vinland saga

Thors was once known as “Jom’s Troll” due to his incredible power and skill in combat, and no man could beat him in medieval warfare. But then he got tired of the violence and fled to Iceland with his new wife, Helga. Now he is fighting to defend the innocent and keep the peace.

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Thors can win a fight without taking a life, and with the Ten Rings this job would become even easier. He could use the rings to perform ranged attacks and knock out archers and other ranged fighters, filling one of his few gaps in combat. After all, he did not die with the sword, but with a volley of arrows.

5 Suki needs an upgrade (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Suki fights as Kyoshi Island burns down

Suki is a highly trained non-bender fighter, and in particular, she practices the Kyoshi Warrior fighting style, which includes armor-like robes, fans, and metal shields. Suki can easily fight ordinary soldiers in combat, but she might have trouble with powerful masters. So, it’s time for some new gear.

No doubt Shang-Chi would see Suki as a noble and honorable fighter worthy of the rings, and he would lend them to her. With these rings, Suki could face any master, even Princess Azula, and protect Kyoshi Island from her enemies.

4 Major Alex Louis Armstrong fights for true justice (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Fullmetal Alchemist Alex Louis Armstrong

Major Alex Louis Armstrong is a bodybuilder alchemist who takes great pride in his fighting style, inherited in the family for generations. He also has a heroic spirit and he refuses to harm the innocent. During Ishval’s terrible civil war, he collapses and refuses to continue fighting.

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Shang-Chi would approve of Alex’s decisions and admire the man’s incredible strength and conviction. Alex might already have alchemy, but the Ten Rings would push him to the next level, and he could defeat Sloth and the other Homunculi with them.

3 Tanktop Master Could Take Advantage Of The Rings (One-Punch Man)

Tanktop master is a mighty melee hero who believes that real power comes from wearing tank tops, hence its theme. He changed his mind somewhat after his battle with Garou, so now he’s looking for more tools to improve his strength. He just found ten.

Shang-Chi would undoubtedly endorse the skill, power, and heroic spirit of Tanktop Master, and with the Ten Rings, Tanktop Master can use more ranged attacks than ever to take out a wider variety of monsters and villains. . He quickly rose through the ranks of the Hero Association.

2 Benimaru fights with a goal (this time I reincarnated in slime)

benimaru mud

Benimaru is a kijin, or evolved ogre, and he is one of Rimuru Tempest’s most powerful and staunch allies. He is also the leader of the Ogre Tribe survivors, and he takes responsibility for it. Benimaru will risk his life for the people who depend on him.

It’s the mark of a true hero, and Shang-Chi would entrust him with the rings if Benimaru needed them for a particularly difficult fight. These ten rings, combined with Benimaru’s own swordplay and black fire magic, would allow him to compete with the Demon Lords.

1 Elfman Strauss would respect the manly power of the ten rings (Fairy Tail)

Elfman smiles

Most of the wizards in the Fairy Tail Guild would drop the Ten Rings, as they already have unique magical powers, such as Cana card-based spells or Natsu’s fire. However, some wizards are melee-oriented, and that includes the beefy Elfman Strauss.

Elfman uses Take Over magic to enhance his strength like a beast, and the Ten Rings could boost his potency even further and also give him much-needed ranged options. Shang-Chi would recognize Elfman’s heroic and selfless spirit and thus lend him the rings for an S-rank mission.

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