Merritt Fire and Rescue will host a wildfire prevention day

The Merritt Fire and Rescue Department continues its efforts to educate the citizens of Merritt on FireSmart principles and on June 11th they will be hosting Wildfire Prevention Day in Central Park.

The Ministry partnered with FireSmartBC, Fortis BC and Fresh Air Cinema to host the Educational Family Day.

Gareth Tilt of the Merritt Fire and Rescue Department is one of the organizers of Wildfire Prevention Day. He explains that the idea behind the creation of this event is to involve the community in order to increase the overall resilience of the city against wildfires.

“We know, when it comes to FireSmart, that it’s great to have your property protected, but where the real efficiency comes in is when an entire community gets involved and does it,” Tilt explained. .

“What we’re trying to do is not only educate people about the different options they can do to make their property stronger, but also bring the whole community together to discuss what we can do to make Merritt a community more resistant to fire than to individual properties alone.

Merritt Fire and Rescue has previously held “Reduce Your Wildfire Risk” information sessions aimed at teaching residents how to individually improve the fire resistance of their properties. Tilt believes this June 11 event will complement these sessions by bringing the community aspect to the discussion.

“The event hopes to connect residents, businesses and other stakeholders in meaningful discussions about our local community and wildfire preparedness in a relaxed, fun and entertaining environment,” Tilt said.

“We know communities are stronger when homeowners work together, because every FireSmart property helps protect and support its neighbors. »

The free community event is scheduled to start at 5 p.m. Attendees will be entitled to door prizes, food vendors, games and various activities. There will also be information sessions and demonstrations such as local sprinkler structure protection units.

The following vendors will be present at the event;

Nicola Chainsaw and equipment rental
Hardware for the home
HUB Insurance
Merritt Public Library
canadian tire
Forest fire protection systems
Merritt Tree Service
British Columbia Wildfire Service
Keepers of the Fire
Purity feed
Crazy Creek Farms
Arnica Contract
Pritchard Fire and Rescue

“Owners can come and talk with these vendors, get information, and learn about different upcoming programs, such as the FireSmart factory program,” Tilt said.

Community vendors will be open from 5-8pm and later at 9.15pm there will be an outdoor screening of the film ‘Only The Brave’, based on the Granite Mountain Hotshots experience fighting the Yarnell Hill fires in 2013.

“It’s based on a true story,” Tilt said. “It’s not necessarily a wildfire preparedness demonstration, so it kind of shows a hypothetical scenario.”

Wildfire Prevention Day is Merritt Fire and Rescue’s latest effort to educate homeowners about possible upgrades they can make to increase their property’s fire resistance.

Recently, Merritt also launched a FireSmart rebate program where eligible homeowners can earn rebates of up to a maximum of $500 for expenses incurred for home fire-resistance upgrades.

“This event brings together many businesses where owners could potentially discuss options of what they could do to their property using this grant,” Tilt explained.

“It could be as simple as changing some plants from one type to a more fire resistant one.”

Merritt Fire and Rescue will also be hosting a fire truck draw where people can enter in teams of 10 to pull the truck and compete for times.

“We do this by donating to teams to then recoup those finances and help support Fairley Park upgrades,” Tilt explained.

Fairley Park is a community park for toddlers in which the Merritt Fire and Rescue Service has been heavily involved.

For more information about the event or to enter the Fire Truck Draw, please email Gareth Tilt at [email protected] or call Merritt Fire and Rescue at 250-378- 5626.

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