Midland cops named Michigan Police of the Year

These Midland cops were locally honored for their brave deeds last year. Now the two officers have been recognized for their recent work.

Constables Chuck Brown and Tyler Hollingsworth were named the Michigan Police Officers’ Association of the Year at the association’s convention on September 2 in Grand Rapids.

The two officers were awarded for their response to a reported domestic assault on Christmas Eve, which ended in a fire, at a residence in the 1500 block of West Union Street in Midland.

The Daily News previously reported that Officers Brown and Hollingsworth both sustained serious injuries as they responded to the blaze that ultimately claimed the life of a Midland man on December 24, 2020.

To support the officers, a parade of Midlanders began its journey to a hospital in Flint to honor Hollingsworth’s recovery and ended in Midland outside Brown’s home on December 30, 2020.

Most recently, the town of Midland praised the officer on Facebook late Friday night:

“Congratulations do not begin to scratch the surface on this highly deserved honor,” the post read. “We are extremely proud of you, (Officer) Brown and (Officer) Hollingsworth, and very grateful to have you on our team and here with us. Thank you!”

The Midland Police Department shared the following with community members on Facebook, which was also read to convention attendees during the awards show on Thursday, September 2.

“On December 24, 2020, Christmas Eve, a tragedy occurred,” reads the presentation of the award. “A domestic assault was reported at a residence in the 1500 block of West Union Street in the town of Midland. Officers Charles Brown and Tyler Hollingsworth were when police arrived at the scene they immediately contacted the victim of the ‘assault and were able to discuss the situation with her. They learned that the perpetrator may still be in the house. “

“When they emptied the house and finished their discussion with the victim, the officers began to search the property for the suspect,” he continues. “They found the assailant as they entered the detached garage, only to find the suspect pouring gasoline on himself. Instantly, officers attempted to stop and contain the suspect, but he struggled with them. Suddenly an explosion occurred. The three men and the garage were engulfed in flames. Officers Brown and Hollingsworth managed to escape the garage, and they began to roll on the ground to put out the flames on their uniforms.

“When the police were able to contain the flames, they saw the suspect come out of the burning building completely consumed by the flames,” the presentation read. “Regardless of himself or his own burns, Constable Hollingsworth immediately removed his uniform, covered the suspect and put out the flames. Simultaneously, Constable Brown, also unaware of his injuries, radioed to the central dispatcher all relevant information needed to request EMS, firefighters and additional officers to help control the situation.

“Agent Brown then noticed that despite the fact that Agent Hollingworth was able to smother the flames on the suspect, the man still intended to return to the burning garage,” he continues. “Agent Brown grabbed the man and was able to stop him and guide him to the sidewalk away from the burning house and garage which by then was completely ablaze with small explosions coming from the structure. “

“The three burns were taken to hospital with burns to the face, hands and arms. Constable Brown recovered fairly quickly from his burns; however, Constable Hollingworth has had to undergo several surgeries since the incident. Sadly, the suspect died of his injuries, but the heroism and professionalism of Constables Brown and Hollingsworth must be recognized and acknowledged as they went out of their way to try to save the suspect with complete disregard for their own safety. “

Other police officers across the state were recognized at the association’s convention. This year’s awards are available here.

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