“Minimal damage” – fire brought under control at the GNSC wharf – Guyana newsroom

On Sunday morning, the ranks of the Guyana Fire Service managed to contain a fire at the Guyana National Shipping Corporation (GNSC) wharf in Lombard Street, Georgetown, in a single building, averting a major disaster.

“We can thank the stars that it was nothing serious. We suffered minimal losses…Things could have been worse,” said Euclin Gomes, Chairman of the Board of GNSC.

Firefighters at the scene ((Photo: Newsroom/January 30, 2022)

The fire is believed to have started around 8:20 a.m. in the workshop, according to police commissioner (ag) Nigel Hoppie.

He told reporters at the scene that although the workshop was “gutted” firefighters managed to stop the fire from spreading.

“The situation is under control,” said the Top Cop.

Meanwhile Home Secretary Robeson Benn, who was present at all the fire scenes, said work was being done by the company on the ‘equipment room’ where the blaze declared himself.

“All other facilities are safe and under control at the moment,” the security minister said.

Benn is pleased with the firefighters’ response, saying “they did pretty well this time.”

The central workshop behind the Lombard Street headquarters (Photo: Newsroom/January 30, 2022)

Only two weeks ago a massive fire engulfed the Laparkan Shipping Company next to the GNIC wharf and Benn is worried about it.

Last week he met with Laparkan executives where fire safety issues were discussed.

“We have discussed the after action report of this fire…and we have spoken to executives and board members about the need for them to ensure they have the capacity to deal with fires on the premises, what is required by law.”

According to Benn, executives were actually setting up fire suppression capabilities at the facility when Sunday’s blaze broke out.

The Home Secretary continues to plead with business owners to install fire prevention systems.

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