Monadnock Ledger-Transcript – Friends help Peterborough City Library Director Corinne Chronopoulos after fire

Monadnock Ledger-Transcript

Posted: 12/13/2021 13:01:58 PM

Modified: 12/13/2021 13:01:22 PM

Peterborough City Library Director Corinne Chronopoulos received more than $ 20,000 in donations to a GoFundMe to support herself and her family after her home in Hudson was damaged by fire on Wednesday last, leaving his family homeless in December for the second year in a row.

“It has been a very difficult tragedy for our family,” said Chronopoulos. “We would like to thank everyone for their outpouring of generosity and support. “

Chronopoulos lived in his parents’ house in Hudson, where his family was forced to move following their eviction from Peterborough Eco Village last December. Although according to residents at the time, Eco Village had been in business for about 12 years, the town was unaware of its use of gas and electricity, which had not been approved or licensed. The village did not respect the zoning and town planning codes either.

Following a review by the city’s building inspector and fire inspector, the city evicted all tenants from the Eco Village due to fire hazards, leaving Chronopoulos and several other residents without accommodation the days before Christmas.

Chronopoulos is looking for accommodation again in December.

The GoFundMe page was created by Elizabeth Eastman of Hudson, a personal friend of Chronopoulos.

“The family has received a lot of support for which we are grateful,” Eastman said.

The total amount raised by GoFundMe was $ 23,160, with most donations ranging between $ 20 and $ 100. Fundraising has since been closed to new donations.

Deputy Library Director Mary Hubbard said while the library has not made the fundraiser public or donated in an official capacity, some staff have donated or tried to support Chronopoulos.

“She and her husband have given a lot to the community,” said Hubbard. “I think the community recognizes this contribution. “

According to Hudson Fire Department fire prevention officer Steve Dube, the house is still structurally sound and the damage caused by the fire can be repaired. The cause, he said, was accidental and likely caused by an improperly installed pellet stove.

“We are optimistic about our recovery and the recovery of other members of our family affected by the fire,” Chronopoulos said. “We still understand the impacts and the steps going forward, but we are encouraged by the support of so many friends and family.”

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