‘Move your hand’: Video shows what prompted Erie County to fire prison officer | Crime News

Later, after Kawal “inadvertently” closed the hatch door on Thorpe’s arm, the inmate threatened to kill the officer and his family, Kawal reported. If that happens, the video provided to The News under New York’s Freedom of Information Act ends before threats are heard.

Kawal said nothing about the threats during his disciplinary hearing on August 9.

When the penitentiary’s second-in-command, Chief Christine Green, gave him the floor, Kawal doubled down on his written report, which his supervisors had already ruled false.

“I would like to go with what my pink leaf says,” he said, according to a transcript.

A CSEA representative, John DiMartino, did most of the conversation: “Kawal’s statement that was submitted was truthful about what happened,” DiMartino said. “He cooperated with the hearing and all documents submitted with this incident. He has never been accused of lying in the past. He has never had incidents like this in the past.

A week later, the Prison Management Division sent a letter to Kawal, who had been a deputy for just over two years and, according to records obtained by The News, had an unremarkable disciplinary record.

“Your employment with the Erie County Sheriff’s Office is terminated, effective immediately,” the letter said.

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