Nance and Felton Push Postell’s Training Officer Request – Cordele Dispatch

By Neil B. McGahee

Chief Editor

After a lively debate, followed by encouragement from Crisp County Sheriff Billy Hancock, the Crisp County Board of Commissioners agreed to provide county fire chief Michael Postell with firefighting personnel and equipment. fires he had requested.

At the top of Postell’s list was a full-time training officer.

But two commissioners —Sam Farrow and Mark Crenshaw voted against while Larry Felton and James Nance voted for. Commission Chairman James R. “Dickie” Dowdy broke the tie by voting against.

It was more than Commissioner James Nance could handle.

“Chief Postell never asks for much,” Nance said. “If he asks for something, he really needs it.”

The owners too.

Home insurance rates are based on a fire department’s ISO rating.

“An ISO score has the power to affect every homeowner’s insurance premium in the area,” Nance said. “It can even cause an insurer to deny you coverage in certain circumstances.”

ISO scores are based on the amount of training a department receives, the number of staff and volunteers, and the maintenance and testing of critical equipment; water supply available for fire departments to use for fire suppression; the extent to which a fire department receives and responds to emergency calls and

community risk reduction through fire safety education, fire prevention techniques and fire investigation.

The highest ISO score a department area can receive is 1 and the lowest is 10. The Crisp County Fire Department has a rating of 5.

“Chief Postell did a great job,” Nance said. “And we have to help him by providing him with what he needs, especially this training officer. This also benefits the owner. »

But approval of Postell’s request seemed doubtful.

Hancock addressed the commission and talked about all the ways having a trainer can benefit a community and how his trainer has had a positive effect on landlord rates.

A second vote was taken and the committee unanimously approved the hiring of a training officer

In other cases, Commissioners:

•Approval of a beer, wine and liquor retail license for Pancho’s Cantina.

• Read the FY 22-23 health insurance plan

The Crisp County Commission will meet at 9 a.m. on July 12 at the Crisp Government Center.

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