New schools will need fire prevention systems

Dear Editor,

A very significant investment is being made in our school system and a lot has also been lost due to the fires. There was the QC fire and more recently the Saint-Georges fire also comes to mind. Other schools have also suffered, and if you look at what has happened recently with the police, the fires have taken away a good part of the investments that have been made over the years. Going forward, we should spend the funds to upgrade our current infrastructure in these important areas and other important structures with fire prevention systems such as sprinklers and fire extinguishers.

The installation of sprinkler systems in existing schools and new schools will require the involvement of construction companies with expertise and experience meeting international and/or regional standards for such fire prevention/protection systems. Unfortunately, this appears to be a major shortcoming currently in the local construction industry and it is our responsibility to ensure that our schools and key public and government structures are upgraded with these systems.

Our local construction companies should also have the opportunity to learn from established companies with experience in setting up these essential systems. In terms of priorities, it is easy to see how such an investment would be among the top 5 needed in the short term.


jamil changlee


The Cooperative Republicans of Guyana

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