NYC Fire Museum Opens Unmasking Our Heroes Exhibit in Honor of FDNY/EMS

the New York Fire Museum (“the museum”) opens a new exhibit today, Unmasking Our Heroes, which celebrates the valiant efforts of emergency medical services personnel – paramedics, paramedics and other fire department officers New York City – during the pandemic.

The exhibition, Unmasking Our Heroes, will run from today (Friday 15 April) until the end of August 2022. The exhibition features dozens of harrowing images – including a moving video in which paramedics and FDNY paramedics reflect on their service over the past two years – along with publicly selected artifacts (including giant “thank you” signs) and other items that showcase the heroism and extraordinary efforts of paramedics New York paramedics, paramedics and firefighters.

“During this unprecedented time in the history of our city, state and nation, we owe a debt of gratitude to the members of our city’s Emergency Medical Service,” said Jennifer Brown, executive director of the New York City Fire Museum. “The men and women of FDNY were on the front lines, responding to countless calls – at one point more than 6,500 in one day – for pandemic-related medical assistance. Their efforts exemplify the best the city has to offer. New York: always up to any challenge.”

“Over the past two years, our members have weathered the busiest time in EMS history, responding to a record number of calls at the height of the pandemic. They have provided compassion and empathy and care. to their patients during a dark time for our city. I am proud of the work they have done and continue to do – and I am honored to celebrate them at this important exhibit,” said Lillian Bonsignore, chief of the FDNY EMS.

The Museum, which is committed to preserving the history of the FDNY, began curating the exhibit and soliciting public input shortly after the pandemic began and New York City closed in March 2020. The new exhibition – which includes several gallery rooms at the Museum on Spring Street – also includes an interactive element allowing the public to leave personal messages thanking EMS.

The mission of the New York City Fire Museum is to collect, preserve, and present the history and cultural heritage of New York’s firefighters and to provide fire prevention and safety education to the public, especially children. Learn more about

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