Officer whose bullet killed 14-year-old girl wanted to ‘change’ police

“I am the LAPD. I have the power and the determination to influence CHANGE in the community, ”he wrote.

In 2019, he spoke to a local news station about his approach to law enforcement.

“There is no better crime reduction strategy than to engage with our young people, so that they are not afraid of us, to let them know that there are people out there who are care, ”Mr. Jones said.

In a profile of Mr Jones on the website for the University of Louisville, where he attended college after growing up in Kentucky, Mr Jones said he had a modest education. His mother, Toya J. Brazley, held several jobs to help raise her three sons. His father, the oldest William D. Jones, worked in insurance.

In 2006, Mr. Jones dropped out of school and moved to Los Angeles, a city eight times the size of his hometown. Initially, according to the profile, he had hoped to break into the entertainment industry. But he discovered a new vocation in 2009, when he joined the Los Angeles police. He loved her, as his lawyer said, because of his strong desire to help others.

Mr Jones eventually married, had a son, and in 2015 bought a house in Santa Clarita, a foothill town north of Los Angeles where middle-class families often go to find a slice of the suburbs. .

In 2020, Mr. Jones got the credits he needed for his communications degree from Louisville. That same year, he and his wife started their nonprofit, Officers for Change, which distributed donated backpacks and school supplies to fellow police officers, according to the police union.

Mr Jones has also started a home business called Use of Force Fitness, according to public records.

He has found time to serve as an assistant football coach for the Valencia High School Vikings, joining the program in the past two years as a wide receiver coach. The team celebrated winning a major regional title in November.

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