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WHAT: Meeting of municipal councilors Wednesday

PRESENT: Matt Vansuch, James LaPolla and Rick Clark


• Approved Z-Tech Builders / Excavators Inc. of Cortland at $ 13,742 for storm sewer upgrades for the Rolling Meadows project. David McCann, director of public works, said the project was a priority due to a chasm and other issues to be addressed;

• Approved the Fire Department applying for a Forest Fire Risk Reduction Grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources for Forest Fire Risk Reduction for two educational floodlights used for medical service training in ’emergency. The 50-50 grant also requires the township to pay $ 1,299;

• Approval of the township’s registration with the Ohio Office of Budget Management to receive local US bailout tax relief funds. Township administrator Darlene St. George said this year the township will receive more than $ 800,000 and as much in 2022 for a total of nearly $ 1.7 million. The money can be used for sewer and water pipe projects;

• Heard from St. George regarding the possible extension of the sewer lines in the Larchmont Street area of ​​the Golden Triangle to help make the property usable for industry and manufacturing companies moving there. ;

• Heard from resident Jim Brutz who said he and other residents are concerned about the loud noise of ATVs driving on the property off Mines Road. He said the noise created a nuisance in a residential area. Officials said it was difficult for police to regulate noise from ATVs and go-karts based on the time of day. A resident said his children rode on their property and during the day. The matter was referred to the zoning department;

• Swearing-in of New Officers Walter Jones, who served eight years with the McDonald Police Department, and Stephanie Slusher, who served 11 years with the Trumbull County Sheriff’s Office;

• Heard from Vansuch, a late summer community event with a parade, food trucks and other activities is scheduled from 3 pm to 9 pm on September 4 at Richard Orwig Park;

• I learned from LaPolla that helicopters working for Ohio Edison were flying around the area to check power lines and trees, with a few landings by Howland Springs School;

• Reported that the township newsletter will return this fall;

• Heard by Zachary Svette, Director of Trumbull MetroParks, a ribbon cutting for the new park offices will take place on July 31 at 1:45 pm on the SLOAS property near North River Road. There will be an open house from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.

• Heard from resident Ed Palumbo ask if township administrators could indicate on the township website how many COVID-19 relief funds were received and how they were used. The trustees will look into the matter.

– Bob Coupland

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