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[This story contains spoilers for Netflix’s Outer Banks season two.]

After concluding its second season with the re-emergence of not one but two previously presumed dead familiar faces, it seems hard to believe that External banks can eventually find a way to continue to outdo themselves. And yet, it’s safe to say that the teen drama about a tight-knit group of treasure hunters known as the Pogues will still manage to do just that.

The cast of the Netflix series recently received the Rising Star Award at the Sun Valley Film Festival in Ketchum, Idaho. During a panel moderated by The Hollywood Reporter, the cast of the series took a break from filming the third season in Barbados to discuss how their characters have evolved over the past season and tease what’s to come in the series created by Josh Pate, Jonas Pate and Shannon Burke. Stars Madelyn Cline (Sarah), Rudy Pankow (JJ), Jonathan Daviss (Pope), Drew Starkey (Rafe), Austin North (Topper) and Carlacia Grant (Cleo) joined in the conversation.

“I really enjoyed Sarah’s journey with her family and just her own personal development,” Cline shared of her character. “It’s something I owe a lot to Josh, Jennifer, Shannon, for letting me put my mark on it and opening up to them about the journeys I took as a teenager and learned to set foot. But I really enjoyed working with Drew and Chip [Estes]. The family dynamic is so interesting and very, very deep and heavy. It’s always really exciting for me because it challenges me and pushes me as an actor, and then I get to go work with the Pogues, and it’s always just a breath of fresh air.

Ryan Gajewski, Madelyn Cline, Jonathan Daviss, Rudy Pankow, Austin North, Drew Starkey and Carlacia Grant attend the Coffee Talk with the Cast of Outer Banks and Rising Stars Award Presentation.
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Indeed, Sarah has faced a lot over the past two seasons, culminating with the most recent finale, which saw Chip Estes return as her father, Ward Cameron, who appeared to perish earlier in the season. of them. She and John B (Chase Stokes, who had to miss the panel due to a last-minute schedule change) decided to spare Ward’s life, although the episode’s conclusion hinted that Rafe had sworn to Ward that things would not be easy for Sarah and John. B. After that, John B’s father, Big John (Charles Halford), was revealed to be alive and well despite appearing to have been found dead in the first season.

“As actors, you always have crazy motivations in your head for the choices your character makes and why they do what they do, and season two was an opportunity to explore that in more depth.” , said Starkey. “As we worked with the characters, and Josh, Jonas and Shannon wrote them, it’s cool to see how we put our mark on them as well and influenced them. It’s pretty unpredictable at this point, this which is exciting.

North, whose Topper is a romantic rival to John B for Sarah’s affections, is grateful his character was able to get a little more nuanced in the final season. “We see the development of Topper and Sarah’s relationship and why he is the way he is,” North said. “Those sides of him came out where it was a deep love for Sarah. The second season was fun just to see that development, and Topper was a little more humanized.

It’s fitting that the Rising Star Award recipients have a number of projects on their plates, including Cline having recently filmed a role in the upcoming sequel. Knives out. “Every production, every setting, every project is different,” she said. “When I shoot External banks, I feel like I’m coming home a bit because I know everyone. I am familiar. Going in and doing another project is intimidating because I kind of feel like a fish out of water.

She continued, “For me, I moved on to Knives out, and I felt a little uncomfortable. I was like, ‘Oh, I haven’t done this in a few years.’ But it was still a joy, and it’s so much fun. I like the feeling of being a little out of place and a little forgotten, and doing something else here, then going here; I love this kind of lifestyle. But both productions are wonderful and I had a blast on both, but I just don’t think you can compare them.

Pankow also used his downtime from the show to film his role in the recently released theatrical hit Unexplored as Sam Drake, brother of Tom Holland’s Nathan Drake. “Each set has a different energy, and adapting to that is also part of our job,” Pankow said. “The Unexplored The set was full of energy again, but there’s all these other little nuances that are different – ​​different eyes, different ways of thinking about how to film something, and that’s just something I have to m get used to on each set.

Speaking of Holland, fans of Euphoria took to social media ahead of the recently aired HBO series’ Season 2 finale to express their hope that the Spider Man star, dating Euphoria’s Zendaya, could appear in the episode. (Alas, no luck.) External banks do fans potentially see Holland popping up to support the Pogues someday? It doesn’t look like viewers need to hold their collective breath, though Daviss quipped, “If it were up to us, Tom would be in our season finale.”

Daviss also expressed his gratitude for being able to play a character he didn’t see on television growing up. “My favorite part of being Pope is just being able to be the character I wish I had seen on TV when I was young,” the actor said. “Just being able to be a representative, to show the experiences that I know of a lot of 16-year-olds who look like me and to be able to play that honestly. And even in season two, there were a lot of personal things that have made their way into the story with me, and being able to play those moments very honestly was a great experience for me.

Undeniably, a key draw for fans is the romantic relationships, not only the drama with Sarah and her two interested suitors, John B and Topper, but also the hints of JJ and Kiara (Madison Bailey), and Pope and Cleo bonding.

“As someone who consumes TV and movies, I like the will-they-won’t,” Cline admitted. “I love this relationship building. I’m a sucker for a love triangle, and I really love [Topper’s] arc, how you kind of redeemed yourself, and you come up, and Sarah is like, ‘What am I doing? I’m a horrible person.’ And then, of course, her relationship with John B is so special and so beautiful — that first true love is truly wonderful. I also like to watch the pieces of some of the other relationships, and sometimes some relationships don’t work out. It’s very human – it’s just life, honestly. I love watching that, and I love seeing it in the script. It’s a real page-turner for me. I like drama.

Grant, who discussed working as a driver for Uber and DoorDash before landing her role as Cleo for season two, recalled being part of the “crazy” rush as a newcomer to the cast. “Honestly, I had the luxury of shooting season two, no one knew who I was,” she said. “So I had the luxury of trotting around with everyone and just being around and watching what was going to happen. It’s always really overwhelming when it happens, but it’s a great ride. And I call them all the time for advice, so that’s the cool part of being a freshman hanging out with all the sophomores.

As for what fans can expect in season three, Cline teases, “I think it’s adrenaline. It’s going to be as exciting as ever. And Pankow agrees, but also sees a noticeable shift: “There’s the same kind of feeling, where it’ll be high adrenaline, high octane – but new nuances.”

This year, the Sun Valley Film Festival opened with National Geographic Documentary Films’ fire of love and drama Across the river and in the trees, based on Ernest Hemingway’s novel and starring star Liev Schreiber. The festival, which closed with the CNN/HBOMax documentary Navalnyalso screened National Geographic Documentary Films’ The territory, We feed people and Disney-branded doc mija. Woody Harrelson and Amy Poehler won the Vision Award, Danny Strong won the Pioneer Award and Dr. Nathalie Dougé won National Geographic’s Further Award.

At the festival, Linoleum won Best Narrative Feature, and mama bear prevailed as Best Documentary Feature. Narrative film karmalink and documentary Sirens won the One in A Million Awards for feature films made for under $1 million, while director Ron Howard We feed people wins the audience award.

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