Over 5,000 smoke alarms and 530 carbon monoxide detectors donated for rescue program

The Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance (TDCI) and the Tennessee State Fire Marshal’s Office (SFMO) proudly announce the donation of 5,000 smoke alarms and 530 carbon monoxide detectors by the nation’s leading manufacturer of Kidde smoke alarms for use in Operation “Get Alarmed, Tennessee!” ” smoke alarm program.

Launched in November 2012, “Get Alarmed” is a grant-funded fire safety education and smoke alarm installation program administered by the SFMO. The program distributes fire safety training and 10-year sealed battery smoke alarms to participating fire departments. Fire departments and volunteer organizations then deliver educational materials and install smoke alarms in at-risk homes across the state.

Since the program’s inception, more than 254,000 smoke alarms have been distributed thanks to the participation of 555 fire departments. To date, 335 people have been alerted by the smoke alarms installed under this program. The tenth anniversary of the program was recently celebrated with a ceremony at the Tennessee Fire Service & Codes Enforcement Academy in Bell Buckle to honor the fire departments and volunteers who installed smoke alarms through the program. A new video highlighting the best smoke alarm installers can be found here.

“Having partners like Kidde who manufacture reliable, lifesaving products and members of the Tennessee Fire Department who are committed to helping install smoke detectors in homes have been integral to the vital successes of ‘Get Alarmed, Tennessee! over the past ten years,” said TDCI Commissioner and State Fire Marshal Carter Lawrence. “I would like to thank Kidde for making such a significant donation as it will ensure that our volunteers have a significant supply of smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors throughout late 2022 and into of the new year. We are grateful for this wonderful gift.

The SFMO has used Kidde smoke detectors exclusively for the 10 year “Get Alarmed, Tennessee”. Working smoke alarms are essential in helping residents escape home fires because most fire deaths occur at night while victims are sleeping. The noxious smoke and poisonous gases generated by a home fire can cause people to sleep more soundly, reducing the likelihood of escape.

“A working smoke alarm doubles a person’s chances of surviving a home fire, but we know that many homes are not equipped with these lifesaving devices,” said Isis Wu, vice president and general manager, Residential Fire and Healthy Homes, Fire & Security. , Carrier. “That’s why Kidde is committed to increasing fire safety awareness through our Cause of alarm country. We are thrilled to support the Tennessee State Fire Marshal’s Office and hope these 5,000 alarms will help save more lives. “With colder temperatures still to come this year, I urge the people of Tennessee to make sure they have working smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors in their homes to help keep them safe,” said TDCI Assistant Commissioner for Fire Prevention Gary Farley. “If they do not have a working smoke alarm, Tennessee residents should contact their local fire department and ask if they are participating in ‘Get Alarmed, Tennessee!’ “”

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