Police: Warrants issued after man shot subway officers in Madison

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WKRN) – Arrest warrants were issued against a man after bullets were fired at police officers in Madison on Monday evening.

It happened in the 100 block of Neelys Bend Road. According to a Metro police statement, Deangelo Spears, 23, is charged with three counts of attempted criminal homicide, two counts of aggravated assault and felony in possession of a handgun. Police said for unknown reasons Deangelo shot innocent bystanders, hitting a man in the leg and two MNPD officers, who were not shot.

Spears is paralyzed from the waist up and was seen around 6:15 p.m. on the Neelys Bend Road pavement near Argyle Avenue calling for help.

When a man tried to watch him, Spears shot him. A bullet ricocheted off the sidewalk and hit the man in the knee. He refused medical treatment. Spears then shot a man across the street who was walking on the sidewalk. He was shot in the leg.

A third man was rushing into the nearby Walgreens when a bullet went through his folded passenger window and hit the driver’s side window, shattering it.

A fourth man then attempted to intervene but took cover after Spears shot him. Two metro agents, Brandon Lopez and Thomas Denenea intervened on the scene. They found the victim who had been shot in the leg. Spears was lying in a yard across the street at the time. Police said that when Constable Denenea exited his patrol car marked with lights and sirens on, Spears fired several shots at him. The police officer’s vehicle was hit by gunfire.

The statement said the officers did not retaliate. Officers repeated several orders for Spears to drop his gun. Spears then used his arms to pull himself around the corner of a house where he was later taken into custody.

A handgun and several cartridge cases were found in the yard from which Spears had fired.

Additional casing was found on Neelys Bend Road near Argyle Avenue. The recovered weapon was out of ammunition. Spears was taken to the general hospital for treatment of pre-existing medical issues. Detectives tried to interview him but he did not cooperate. Spears will be arrested when released.

The man who was shot in the leg was taken to Skyline Medical Center with non-life threatening injuries.

The investigation is ongoing.

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