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How to raise a superhero? More importantly, how does a widowed black mother raise a superhero in a world plagued by racism, shady research corporations, and many other ills both mundane and extraordinary? That’s the question Netflix’s 2019 show Raising Dion try to answer. Created by Carol Barbee and based on the comic book of the same name by Denis Liu, the series follows 7-year-old superhuman Dion Warren (Ja’Siah Young), who inherited the powers of telekinesis from his late father, scientist Mark Warren (Michael B. Jordan). As he copes with life at a new school and with previously unknown powers, Dion is aided by his mother, Nicole (Alisha Wainwright), and his father’s best friend, Pat (Jason Ritter).

Season 1 of Raising Dion ended almost three years ago, turning little Dion’s world upside down and leaving viewers with many questions about what the future holds for superhumans and, more importantly, what Mark meant when he said energy does not die. Now, after a long covid-19-driven hiatus, the series is back to fix all those issues: eight episodes long, season 2 premiered on Netflix on February 1. But who’s back in the world of Dion? Here’s a guide to all the characters and cast returning to the series, as well as some new faces that will be important this season.

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Dion Warren (Ja’Siah Young)

Ja'Siah Young in Raising Dion
Picture via Netflix

Now almost 10 years old, Dion is much more mature and rebellious than in season 1, leading his own little Justice League, the Triangle of Justice, with his classmates Esperanza and Jonathan. In addition to battling local evildoers under the codename Mind Mover, Dion attends training sessions at BIONA in order to gain control of his long list of special abilities, which have now expanded to encompass invisibility as well as telekinesis, teleportation, levitation, transmutation and healing powers.

Young is fairly new to the entertainment world. Before starring in his own Netflix show, he played an abuse survivor in a Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in three parts and appeared briefly in a 2020 Saturday Night Live episode. According to his IMDb page, Young should appear as OJ Simpson and Nicole BrownJustin’s son in the mystery film Nicole and OJ However, the film was delayed by a series of legal problems and still has no release date.


Nicole Warren (Alisha Wainwright)

Picture via Netflix

After discovering the truth behind Mark’s death and confronting The Crooked Man alongside Dion, Nicole came to terms with her son’s powers. In season 2, Nicole works alongside BIONA to learn more about people with superpowers and phenomena such as the Icelandic storm that affected her husband, known only as the Aurora event. She’s also building a career as a graphic designer, reconnecting with her love of dancing, and beginning to consider a love life — especially after meeting Dion’s new BIONA trainer, Tevin.

Wainwright is best known for playing the role of werewolf-turned-commonplace Maia Roberts in Freeform’s Shadow Hunters. She has also been in episodes of Fox’s lethal weapon, of the ABC family Switched at birth, and CBS’ Criminal minds. In 2021, she was in the AppleTV+ drama film Palm, and, in 2022, she is set to appear in the horror thriller There’s something wrong with children, currently in post-production.

Suzanne Wu (Ali Ahn)

raise dion ali ahn
Picture via Netflix

After helping Dion and Nicole battle The Crooked Man at the end of Season 1, BIONA’s CEO is transformed from antagonist to ally in Season 2. Under Wu’s guidance, BIONA conducts research aimed at better understanding how how superpowers work and how they can affect individuals, as well as investigating the chasms that have emerged around the world in the aftermath of the Crooked Man incident.

Ali Ahn is best known for his minor and recurring roles on The CW’s Supernatural, Showtime Billions, and Netflix Orange is the new black, as well as for portraying Nicole in Hulu’s religious drama The path. Most recently, she appeared on HBO Max’s The two others and in Fox’s short-lived detective series Following.

Esperanza Jimenez (Sammi Haney)

Picture via Netflix

Dion’s self-proclaimed best friend is now a member of her Triangle of Justice, handling logistics under the codename Invisible Girl – a nickname she gave herself because she was treated like an outcast because of his brittle bone disease. Esperanza is also very involved in the school’s musical revue, for which she signed up alongside Dion and Jonathan, much to the chagrin of the two boys.

Esperanza Jimenez is Sammi Haneyis the first and only on-screen role so far.

Jonathan King (Gavin Munn)

raising dion gavin munn
Picture via Netflix

Former bully Jonathan King is now the map guy in Dion’s Triangle of Justice, fighting crime under the code name…Admiral Annihilation? He is still working on this part.

Gavin Munn is best known for playing Abraham Gemstone on HBO Virtuous Gemstones. He was also in episodes of AMC Stop and catch fire and SundanceTV Rectify.

Brayden MillsGriffin Robert Faulkner

raising dion griffin robert faulkner
Picture via Netflix

After having his father killed by The Crooked Man in season 1, Brayden is left in the care of his aunt, who strongly believes that his powers and those of his father are the work of the devil. In season 2, Brayden is possessed by The Crooked Man and kills his aunt to go in search of Dion. He uses his mind control powers on a couple he meets on the road, forcing them to take him to Atlanta and impersonate his parents to enroll him in De Dion’s school.

The preschool audience probably knows Robert Faulkner Griffinthe voice of the Apple TV+ children’s show Ride with Otis, in which he plays the main character. As for adults, they might know it from the Netflix comedy college friends or maybe 2019 horror movie Daniel is not real.

Kat Neese (Jazmyn Simon)

Picture via Netflix

Nicole’s traditionally more responsible older sister currently finds herself single and unemployed after trying to erase Dion’s medical records to protect him from BIONA in Season 1. During the show’s hiatus, Kat took some time off. time to travel, but now she has to get her life back on track by crashing on Nicole’s couch.

Jazmyn Simon is best known for her roles as Julie Greene on HBO Ballers and Selene Gilmore in all three Psych TV and Movies. She also appeared in the 2021 HBO romance crime film Confinement and in 2018 Tyler Perry Thriller in French Acrimony.

Pat Rollins (Jason Ritter)

raising dion jason ritter
Picture via Netflix

Mark’s best friend and work partner has always struggled with rejection, and getting superpowers after being exposed to the Aurora event hasn’t exactly made him a better person. Possessed by The Crooked Man, Rollins killed Mark, along with many other people with superpowers, and attempted to injure Dion and Nicole. Fortunately, he was defeated by the Warrens. Now completely helpless, he returns to BIONA to offer his help. But can we really trust him this time?

Ritter’s first major television role was in the 2003 CBS drama series Joan of Arcadia. The same year he was in the slasher crossover movie Freddy versus Jason. He played Jeb Bush in the 2008 Pierre Olivier Biopic of George W. Bush O, and had recurring roles on HBO Girls, ABC A million little things, and NBC Kinship. The latter earned him an Emmy Award nomination in 2012. Ritter is also known as a voice actor, having played Dipper Pines on the Disney Channel series. Gravity Falls and Ryder in Frozen II.

Tevin WakefieldRome Flynn

raise dion rome flynn
Picture via Netflix

Dion’s new trainer at BIONA, whom Nicole develops feelings for after a somewhat disastrous first encounter.

Rome Flynn is best known for playing Samuel Keating (Tom Verica) son, Gabriel Maddox, in seasons 4–6 of ABC How to get away with murder and David in Netflix Season 4 Dear Whites. Soap opera fans will also recognize him as CBS’ Zende Forrester Dominguez. Love glory and beauty, a role for which Flynn won a Daytime Emmy Award in 2018.

David MarshJosh Ventura

Raising DionRome Flynn
Picture via Netflix

BIONA’s new VP of Operations who has a history with Suzanne and seems to be more interested in how the company can use people with superpowers and how their research can help them.

Josh Ventura is best known for his minor roles in ABC Nashville, fox sleepy hollow, the CWs Dynasty, from Starz P-Valley, and james gunnit is The Suicide Squad, among others. In 2022, it should also appear in the Chinonye Chukwu– drama directed Up to, about the 1955 lynching of 14-year-old Emmett Till.

Gary Stafford (Michael Anthony)

Picture via Netflix

A loving security guard at Dion’s school who befriends Esperanza and is attacked by The Crooked Man.

Michael Anthony is best known for his minor roles on shows like NBC Chicago Mediterranean, Paramount+ The game, BET American soul, and Dynasty. He also has a singing career under the stage name Mike Bless.

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